Sauna after sports

Why is it good to have sauna after sports?
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Sport + sauna are ideal: for muscles and regeneration.

For professional athletes, sauna bathing is a must from a sports medical point of view. Of course, every recreational sportsman can also take advantage of the positive effects. All important information:

Sauna is most beautiful at home:

Sauna after sports: perfect for muscle relaxation

Sports and sauna form an ideal combination: in addition to physical and psychological relaxation, it is above all the positive influence on regeneration that makes sauna bathing that so valuable after sports. Waste materials are removed from the muscles and the muscles are relaxed. Possibly impending muscle pain swells in the end either completely or they at least feel weaker.

Sports injuries: Sauna promotes healing

In addition, sauna bathing has also proven in sports injuries, because the stimulation of the metabolism and the slight overheating of the body (hyperthermia) promote the healing processes for minor muscle tensions or injuries.

Sports & Sauna: correct order is crucial

It is important to follow the right order so that the combination of sports and sauna has the desired effects:

  • the first thing to do is exercise
  • then ideally pause for at least 20 – 30 min to normalize the pulse
  • then relax in the sauna

In general, saunas can have a positive effect on your health. Read here why sauna is so healthy: SAUNA & HEALTH >

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Sauna & health
Since we have our corso sauna, I am much more relaxed.
Sabine Schneider
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How long or how much sauna is beneficial after sports?

After sports, one to three sauna sessions are generally recommended to achieve the desired positive effects for the muscles and relaxation. Before the first sauna session, you should drink enough to compensate for the loss of fluid from sports. Further information on the duration of the sauna sessions can be found here: HOW TO GO IN SAUNA >