How to clean a sauna?

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sauna cleaning: sauna wood before cleaning and afterwards by special sauna wood cleaner
Cleaning the sauna in 6 steps: this is how it works.

We give you tips on how and with which products you clean your sauna properly:

Sauna relaxation…? Sauna at home!

sauna cleaning product puruvesi: special cleaning for sauna wood

Maintaining and cleaning the sauna properly:

  • Shower before you go to sauna and put a large towel on the bench so that the wood is protected from sweat.
  • Air your sauna and sauna room well after each use to get the humidity out.
  • Do not clean the sauna until it is no longer in operation and completely cooled down!
  • Simply wipe off dust and dirt with a damp cloth. We recommend that you lightly moisten the cloth with the special sauna cleaner PURUVESI (see below for details). Important: please do not use a wet cloth so as not to damage the dry wood!
  • The sauna wood must NOT be cleaned by high-pressure cleaner or water hose, because it is very dry and sensitive to moisture.
  • We advise against disinfectants in the case of sauna wood: the Consumer Centre NRW also notes that the dosages are often too low to really disinfect, allergies are promoted and good bacteria are also killed and the environment is polluted.

    If you follow these steps, you will keep your sauna cabin as beautiful as it was on the first day!

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How can I protect the sauna wood from sweat and water stains?

In order to protect the sauna wood from stains by sweat and/or water, we recommend the high-quality products for sauna cleaning from Lahti, which are tested and approved for the cleaning and care of sauna wood. Please do not use normal household cleaners! The products can be ordered directly at THE CORSO e-SHOP >

For the cleaning of the sauna wood use PURUVESI, for the impregnation of the clean sauna wood OULUJÄRVI is used:

Clean sauna wood: PURUVESI

If your sauna wood already has stains, you should first remove them with the sauna cleaner PURUVESI and clean the wood completely. On the picture at the top you can see the spotty sauna wood, on the right the same wood after cleaning with PURUVESI. This special sauna cleaner is a 100% biological agent, odourless and without pollutants or solvents. Dosage: Depending on the surface/absorbency, you need approx. 30 – 90 ml PURUVESI per m2. (We strongly advise against using normal household cleaners, as the high sauna temperatures could harm both your health and sauna wood.)

Impregnate sauna wood: OULUJÄRVI

If you have a brand new (or freshly cleaned) sauna, the sauna wood can be impregnated with OULUJÄRVI. This bio-based sauna care creates a lotus effect, so that your wood is effectively protected from stains: water drops simply peel off without entering the wood. Dosage: Depending on the surface/absorbency, you need approx. 30 – 250 ml OULUJÄRVI per m2. The impregnation should be refreshed in the private sector every 2 years in order to protect the wood optimally. The sauna care product OULUJÄRVI is a completely harmless natural product based on the health of the organic, odourless and environmentally friendly. (In commercial sector, the wood should be impregnated every 12 months; 5-litre containers are available.) Order sauna products in CORSO e-SHOP >

Sauna impregnation against stains from water and sweat. Bio-based care and impregnation product especially for the use on sauna wood.

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Sauna cleaning
The special sauna cleaning products are very good. The wood looks like it is new. No chemical odour.
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Tips for the care and maintenance of your sauna

Lime or water stains at the sauna oven are most appropriately removed with a solid brush and a lye made of citric acid or vinegar. The door snapper should be oiled regularly and re-enacted if necessary. All fittings, in particular the fittings of the door hinges, should be checked regularly and, if necessary, tightened.

It is important to have a good ventilation of the cabin, so that no damage to the sauna or to the technology is caused by masonry moisture. In order to ensure adequate ventilation of the sauna cabin, we plan all corso saunas with a wall spacing of 6 cm. Further information can be found under the key points for sauna size and sauna planning.

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How do I remove very heavy dirt?

In the case of untreated solid wood, very strong dirt or discoloration can be sanded off with fine-grained sandpaper (160 grain) if required. Please note, however, that this is not possible with thermal wood. The interior cladding of the sauna and the interior equipment (loungers, etc.) may not be painted. The wall cladding can be wiped from time to time with a fog-moist cloth.