Sauna drinking & eating

When should one drink/eat when taking a sauna?
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All information on what to consider concering sauna and drinking or ating:

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When, how much and what should I drink when taking a sauna?

After sauna, you should drink at least one litre of water or Spritzer. Or you can weigh yourself before and after to determine the exact loss of fluid during the sauna sessions. This loss of fluid should then be (at least) completely compensated. If you don’t drink enough, even headaches can result – and you certainly want to avoid that!

Experts do not entirely agree on the right time to drink. Some recommend for the best detoxification effect, to drink only after the end of the complete sauna and not already between the sauna sessions. However, your well-being is crucial: if you are thirsty beforehand, it is always better to drink something and listen to the signals of your body. If you do not have a thirst between the sessions, you should drink plenty before and after the sauna visit, which will in any case promote detoxification.

What should you eat before sauna?

Before and after sauna bathing, you should only eat light food: because during the sauna, your heart already has to pump significantly more blood, the circulation and metabolism come on full speed. If you do this with a full stomach, your body will have to compensate for a double load – and this is not particularly conducive to the relaxation effect. Therefore, fresh fruit or a salad are recommended to provide the body with vitamins.

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How does detoxification work when sauna bathing?

By sweating in the sauna, the body loses liquid. As a result, the blood is thickened as water is removed from the blood. The thicker blood then absorbs more pollutants, which are then filtered through the kidneys and excreted with the urine. The toxins are thus not primarily sweated out by sweat, but filtered and “discarded” via the internal organs.

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