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Great sense of
design since 1968

Custom sauna from Lower Saxony
inspiration + references

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Relax. Breathe. Just feel comfortable…

Sauna bathing is pure wellness and makes you forget everyday life and all the hustle and bustle. Especially in a really beautiful sauna: functional in design, lovingly handmade of exquisite woods. So nice that you don’t want to get out at all. In short: a sauna made by corso sauna manufaktur. Every sauna and steam bath project is planned and built to measure.

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What makes our saunas such unique…?

We will tell you! Just accompany us to a sauna session of a special kind. From the green thumb of our eco-foresters and the selection of woods. In addition the ever-new ideas of our designers. Up to the workbench of our experienced carpenters who produce and install your sauna.

What you can expect in the end is a craftsmanship in perfect aesthetics. A custom sauna, designed and made of the best woods and genuine passion. The only question remains: What does your very own sauna dream look like? Let’s talk about it. And soon it will come true.

corso. designed for relaxation.

From an US film director to the sheikh in Dubai: as a small, fine sauna manufacturer, we have built up a rather illustrious clientele. Because our special ideas have been talked about. Countless satisfied homeowners and hotel guests are already relaxing in our sauna creations. The highlight: each project is a unique piece, which is individually designed by the corso designer team. Can it be nicer to refuel your strength and do something for your health…?

corso has been existing since 1968. In 2012 however, we, the brothers Max and Benedictus Lingens, took over the company. We are resetting the sails with vigour: there are no more series products “off the shelf”, everything is made to measure. Trends are set and new ideas are realized. Meanwhile, corso saunas even sail on yachts across the world’s oceans… We are already looking forward to inspiring you. When shall we plan your sauna dream…?

Benedictus and Max Lingens, corso CEO

What makes corso special…?

The greatest strength is our passion for wood and aesthetic design to create stunning projects. In dialogue with you, we design your very individual sauna: Our designers adapt to the individual style of your interior design and attach great importance to making the most of your rooms. The result: a dream sauna that looks like a designer piece of furniture into the entire room. Generous glass fronts give the creations a lot of transparency and well thought-out lighting concepts make your design sauna appear in the right light.

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As a medium-sized company, we are involved in the work of the association at the federal level in order to further promote the topic of saunas and to support scientific research and progress in the technical field. For this purpose, corso sauna manufactory is a member of deutscher Saunabund and Bundesfachverband Sauna.