Types of sauna

Which sauna is the best one for me?
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Combination of sauna and steam bath in the private SPA.

The most important types of saunas and their health effects at a glance:

We are happy to advise you which bathing shape is best for you!

Finnish sauna: the oldest type of sauna.

  • Temperature: 80 to 110° C
  • Humidity: about 20%

The Finnish sauna is the classic and oldest type of sauna, there is a dry and hot climate. Infusions on the sauna stones increase the humidity to up to 30% in the short term. This causes a strong heat stimulus. Of all sauna types, the Finnish sauna has the most intense effect on immune system & Co. All information about SAUNA & HEALTH > . We plan your Finnish sauna for home freely according to your wishes as an indoor sauna or outdoor sauna.

Bio Sauna: “Sauna light”

  • Temperature: 50 – 60° C
  • Humidity: 40 – 50%

With “sauna light” the bio sauna can best be brought to the point: you go to sauna in a humid warm air bath, which is much gentler than in the Finnish sauna. The circulatory load is lower and thus meets sensitive people. Optional light elements with changing colours transform the bio sauna into a relaxing oasis. The mood is positively influenced (blue = soothing, red = stimulating, green = regenerating, yellow = mood-enhancing). The bio sauna is recommended for beginners, children and the elderly. The skin feels well-groomed, the breath becomes free, the sauna has a cleansing and stimulating effect. By installing a combi-heater, every Finnish sauna can also be used as a bio sauna.

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Sauna & health
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Steam bath or hammam

  • Temperature: 45 – 48° C
  • Humidity: 100%

Steam baths, also known as hammam, give the impression that you are sweating very much. But this is not the case: due to the humidity, water drops condense on the skin, but this is not sweat. The steam bath is gentle on circulation, relaxing and good against muscle tension. Even with respiratory diseases, the steam has a very positive effect and it can help with bronchitis and first cold symptoms. Even hay fever can be attenuated by strengthening the immune system (even in the warmer season). Your steam bath home is freely planned at corso according to your wishes, e.g. in granite, marble, or ceramics. All information: STEAM BATH >

Infrared cabin & infrared sauna

The temperature in the infrared cabin (sometimes also referred to as an infrared sauna) is 38 – 50° Celsius. Unlike the Finnish sauna, the body is not warmed by the hot ambient air, but by the infrared radiation. The rays warm the skin, from where the heat then spreads throughout the body and creates a pleasant feeling. Due to the lower temperature, the infrared cabin is very circuit-friendly. In addition, it is quickly ready for operation, the beneficial effect starts after only a few minutes. Ideal is a stay of about 30 minutes. The resulting heat can relieve muscle and joint pain and counteract various skin problems. An infrared sauna can be designed as an independent cabin or integrated into the Finnish sauna/bio sauna as an “extra”. All information: INFRARED >

Which sauna is healthiest…?

Which type of sauna is the best choice for you ultimately depends on your personal taste and your individual physical constitution. The most sweating is in the Finnish sauna, so that the health effects in terms of detoxification, strengths of the immune system, etc. are also greatest here. More info: SAUNA & HEALTH. However, if the Finnish sauna is not suitable for you due to blood pressure or similar, you should consider an alternative. If you choose a sauna at home, it is helpful to try out the different types of sauna yourself beforehand – either in a suitable wellness hotel or SPA. Ultimately, you should choose your favourite sauna according to your personal taste – because it is crucial how you best relax and regenerate.

Home sauna made to measure

No matter which sauna you choose: We will be happy to advise you and find together with you an individual solution for your desired sauna – no matter whether Finnish sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin or bio sauna. All variants can also be installed in your own “four walls”! In doing so, we attach great importance to comprehensive planning and the implementation of your individual wishes and to take into account local conditions such as sloping roofs or the like. The result will inspire you in any case: your tailor-made sauna or design sauna for your home.

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