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What do I need for sauna?
Reclaimed wood sauna with glass front: cozy and rustic. Perfect to relax in the sauna and do something for your own health.
Regular sauna sessions are ideal for health.
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How many towels do I need for sauna?

To enjoy the sauna in a relaxed way, it is best to use a large sauna towel, on which you can sit or lie down in the sauna. (Depending on your personal taste, you can put a small rolled-up towel under your head if you don’t want to use a headrest). In addition, you need another towel to dry after showering. To ensure that the body does not cool down during the breaks, you should use a bathrobe as well as, if necessary, a blanket for a cosy cuddle.

What is sauna salt used for?

In order to stimulate the body to sweat more, you can rub yourself with sauna salt (face and freshly shaved areas please spare). Rubbing acts like an exfoliation: dead skin scales are removed, the skin is cleaned and can absorb important minerals from the salt. Ideally, the sauna salt should be used on the “sweated” body after the sauna session. To protect the sauna wood, it should be used only in the shower.

Which sauna stones are needed for the sauna heater?

Sauna stones can be made of different materials. It is especially important that the sauna stones have a high heat storage capacity and should be thermally very resilient. The stones are heavily stressed by heating and the shock-like cooling during infusions. Therefore, we recommend high-quality Diabas sauna stones for your sauna stove in order to optimally equip the sauna – even when replacing the old sauna stones.

How often should you change the sauna stones?

In the private sector, sauna stones (depending on the intensity of use) should be replaced after about 3 to 6 years. At the latest, when the sauna stones become brittle or start to smell, they must be renewed. If the stones are not changed, small shards may loosen. These then hinder optimal air circulation. In addition, the heating elements of your sauna heater could also be damaged. If sauna stones are used for too long, the stone pores close with infusion agents and calcareous water. New sauna stones are available in the e-SHOP >

Sauna scents and sauna infusion

To round off the sauna perfectly, essential oils can be added during the infusion: from rosemary to rose or eucalyptus to lemon orange, a wide selection of pleasant scents is available, which mentally take you on a walk through the forest or a summer flower meadow. It is important that the concentrates are only used heavily diluted drop by drop in the infusion water – otherwise there is a risk of evaporation or stinging flame, in addition, the mucous membranes could be irritated. The essential oils are obtained from herbs, flowers, fruits or spices. Ideally, only natural oils should be used, as health consequences of synthetic substances cannot be excluded. You can order your sauna infusion agents and natural sauna fragrances directly at corso e-SHOP >

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Sauna accessories for your home sauna

In the corso e-SHOP > you get everything you need for a fine sauna: from high-quality sauna infusions to complete sets with hourglass, buckets, climate meters & co. to sauna cleaners and sauna stones. You can order the accessories either by e-mail or directly online. >

Sauna buckets, climate meters, thermometers, hygrometers & more…

To ensure that everything is perfectly fits to the design of the home sauna, we offer you the corso sauna accessories in different types of wood, shades and materials. For example, a sauna bucket made of acrylic with a matching trowel completes a modern design sauna. Or how about a sauna bucket made of stainless steel or aluminium…? We look forward to your order: e-SHOP >

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