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How much weight do you lose by sauna?
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Regular sauna sessions are healthy.

Sauna is healthy. But can you also reduce your body weight with regular sauna bathing? How much calories are burnt by sauna?

Relaxation…? Is most beautiful in your own sauna at home. It is the best investment in your own health!

Weight loss: How much calories are burnt by sauna?

You go to sauna and your body starts to sweat. Through this sweating, the body tries to cool itself down. Of course, this process means a certain effort for our body, through which calories are burnt. However, the weight loss during sauna bathing – if you weigh yourself before and after the sauna – is basically due to the loss of fluid through sweating. In kilocalories, the body burns on average only 150 Kcal during three sauna sessions. Rather the health benefits of sauna bathing are that the immune system is strengthened and the metabolism is stimulated, whereby the body excretes toxins and thus purifies.

How much do you sweat in the sauna? How much water do you lose in the sauna?

The amount of fluid you lose in the sauna is individual and depends on your personal sweating propensity, your (sauna) training as well as the number and duration of the sauna sessions. On average, it is 1 to 2 litres of liquid that the body loses by sauna. To determine the exact amount, you can put yourself on the scale before and after the sauna. The difference in weight in kilograms is then equal to the amount the body has sweated out. You should drink at least the same amount of liquid after visiting the sauna (ideally water or Spritzer) to compensate for the loss. This also avoids, for example, possible headaches due to lack of fluids. Depending on your individual inclination, however, it does not harm to drink more.

By the way, the body in the Finnish sauna “sweats” the most: the dry air absorbs a lot of sweat from the body, the liquid is released into the air. In the hot air bath or in the steam bath, it feels as if you are sweating much more. However, due to the high humidity, the air cannot absorb as much sweat, but rather condenses the liquid and forms droplets on the body. The effective loss of fluid is therefore lower here than in the classic Finnish sauna. In any case, it is positive that you exercise sweating with the sauna: if you go to the sauna more often, you usually sweat more and faster.

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How can I lose weight and fat without sports?

The most important info in advance: Losing weight only works if you consume fewer calories than your body burns. The best recipe for losing weight is therefore, as we know, exercising and moving a lot. Nevertheless, there are some tips to promote or accelerate calorie burning, even without exercising.

Our top 4 FATBURNER tips for losing weight “without sports”:

Daily fasting or “late breakfast”

In the past, the ideal recipe “distribute many meals throughout the day” was often used as a rule of thumb against hot-starvation attacks and thus for successful, permanent weight loss. Recent studies have shown the exact opposite: “natural fasting” during the night should be extended to up to 16 hours if possible. 2 meals should be served in the remaining 8 hours. This food fasting cycle seems most likely to match the human biorhythm and can counteract diseases such as diabetes.

The importance of daily lenting was confirmed by the report on the study of the Salk’s Regulatory Biology Laboratory (published in the journal Cell Metabolism, May 2017). Commenting on the findings, Satchidananda Panda, leader of the study, said: “It is a misconception that a high-fat diet leads to obesity and that we should eat frequently after getting up. Our results suggest that we should instead stick to regular eating and fasting times. The daily fasting of several hours could be very beneficial for health.”

Top tip #2: Green tea

Countless studies prove the various positive effects of green tea: the metabolism is brought up to speed, fat absorption is reduced, the storage fat is mobilized. On top, the green tea has a stomach-cleaning and digestive effect. Nice side effect: the bitter substances of the teas dampen the appetite for sweetness and even have a positive effect on the liver and the hormone balance.

Top tip #3: Spicy spices

Fiery-sharp spices are the ideal supporters in accelerating fat burning: chili, ginger and cayenne pepper, for example, promote blood circulation and boost metabolism, so that body fat is ultimately reduced more quickly. Especially the sharp ginger is known to be particularly healthy due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Top tip #4: Sleeping

Too little sleep is one of the main causes of too much appetite: only those who sleep sufficiently create the conditions for the body to produce sufficient leptin (= saturation hormone). The production of growth hormones (for muscle building) is also too low in case of lack of sleep. Incidentally, the nightly calorie consumption can also be increased by building up more muscle mass. In the end, there is no way around sports for targeted bodyforming…!