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What does a sauna made by corso cost?
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Each corso project is individually planned and manufactured. Therefore, we do not work with price lists. However, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your project. For your orientation:

All prices incl. VAT, plus delivery/assembly. We offer our services worldwide.

Your budget: the specification for targeted planning.

Some prospective buyers are reluctant to give us their plan budget so as not to push the price too high. Please rest assured: we do not artificially raise our prices and then get out “the red pencil” to reduce them again. As a medium-sized craftsman’ company, we calculate to the best of our knowledge and belief. With your specific specification, we will find together the best sauna that can be realized for your budget. Similar to buying a car, if you decide in advance whether it should be a VW Golf, an Audi or the Mercedes S-Class.

If the price for your desired sauna does not (yet) fit: Talk to us! Often good solutions can be found, e.g. by a less expensive type of wood, another heater model, a little less glass… There are many adjusting screws to adjust the price.

Indoor sauna made to measure: from 8,990 Euros

The classic Finnish sauna is available from 8,990 Euros. In a deliberately reduced design, with the concentration on the essentials: best sauna wood, processed in craftsmanship quality. Quality made in Germany.

Each sauna is freely planned. Depending on the type of wood, lighting, glass elements and workmanship, prices then move upwards accordingly. Overview: INDOOR SAUNA LINES >

Outdoor sauna made to measure: from 14,999 Euros

The construction of an outdoor sauna is comparable to a “small house building”, the costs are correspondingly higher than with an indoor sauna. The entry-level price of a log cabin sauna is 14,999 Euros, the projects are completely manufactured to your specifications (no fixed models). In the field of design outdoor sauna we start at 27,000 Euros. Overview: OUTDOOR SAUNA LINES >

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Sauna & health
Since we have our corso sauna, I am much more relaxed.
Sabine Schneider

Infrared sauna

The infrared cabin is freely planned and built to measure for you. Prices start from 4,399 Euros. Here you will find all information about corso INFRARED CABINS >

Hamam + steam bath

A freely planned and custom-made steam bath for your home is available from 14,999 Euros. Here you will find all information about corso STEAM BATHS >

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Custom sauna
Your sauna is a purchase for life. We take a lot of time to give you the best advice.
Benedictus Lingens, corso sauna manufactory

Custom-made in master quality

Please consider these prices as “initial prices”: Our strength are custom-made saunas and steam baths. We plan your project individually and design it according to your wishes.

Give us your task

So that we can plan your sauna in concrete terms, please send us a floor plan/a rough sketch or a mobile phone photo of the room. This allows us to develop an optimal room solution for you. Maybe you have already found a favorite in our inspirations that you particularly like…? Then we have a good guide to the design. Please also tell us which type of wood you like. We look forward to your project!