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We are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the topic sauna. - In order that you may realize your own personal sauna-dream soon!


We give you the answers, what equipment and accessories you need for sauna.

To make your sauna session as pleasant as possible, we are happy to answer your questions about the right sauna equipment.

How many towels do you need at the sauna?

Entspannt mit großem Saunahandtuch

To really enjoy the sauna, you should use a big sauna towel on which you can lie or sit in the sauna. (Depending on your personal taste, you may also use a small rolled up towel and put it under your head, if you don’t want use a head board.) Furthermore, you need an extra towel to dry yourself after having a shower. In order to avoid that the body cools down too much while having a break, you should wear a bathrobe and/or an extra blanket to cosily cuddle into.

Saunieren unterm Sternenhimmel

Which sauna stones do I need?

There are different kinds of sauna stones. It is necessary that the stones have got a high heat storage capacity and moreover they should be really high thermally resistant. At corso, we provide a range of different kinds of stones for you to equip your sauna optimally – and of course you can also get stones to refill your oven from us.

At your own private area, the sauna stones should be changed approximately every three to six years (or at the latest when they are brittle or begin to smell). While heating up and shock-like cooling down by infusions, the stones get really highly stressed. If the stones are not exchanged after a while, it could be possible that they lose small splinters which could block the right ventilation or cease glowing the heating elements of your sauna oven. Apart from that, the stone pores close if they are used over a too long time due to infusions and calcium-laden water.


Sauna Zubehör-Set mit Saunakübel, Kelle, Klimamesser, Sanduhr und Saunaduft

Which salt is the right one for the sauna?

In order to stimulate your body to sweat more, you can rub in your skin with salt while having a sauna bath (face and fresh shaved parts of your body should not be rubbed in). The rubbing-in works like a peeling: The dead skin cells will be removed quickly and easy, the skin gets purified and it can absorb the important minerals out of the salt. It is recommended that you spread the salt after the first sauna session, when the body already has been sweating all around. (We advise you to do this outside of the sauna cabin in order to protect the wood). In this case, there will be different sorts of salt with different functions. You may get these directly from us.

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To perfectly round-off the sauna session, essential oils may be added to the infusions: from anise to birch or mint up to lemon a wide range of pleasant scents are available, which may focus your thoughts to a walk through the wood or over a field of flowers. It is important to dilute the oil extremely and only to use single drops in the infusion water – otherwise there would be the risk of a deflagration or a shooting flame, moreover the mucous membranes could be irritated. The essential oils get extracted from fruits, herbs, duds, fruits or spices. We recommend that you only use completely natural oils because synthetic materials could cause health problems.

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