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Here you can find out, how often in a week sauna bathing is healthy.


A single sauna session is relaxing and enjoyable – but only regular sauna sessions cause a positive effect: the immune system gets stronger, the metabolism gets activated and the cardiovascular system is trained. To achieve these effects, you have to take a sauna bath at least once a week. When you are healthy and feel fit, it is no problem to take more than one sauna bath a week. In this case, however, it is recommended to reduce the number of sessions you do during a sauna visit, in order not to overstress the body.

If you got physical impairments (e.g. cardiovascular problems, acute diseases) you should not go in the sauna. If you wish to get more information about when you should not go in the sauna you can find them here.

How often a week sauna bathing is good for you?

How often a week you go in the sauna depends on your own personal well-being: As long as you feel good and if you reduce the sauna sessions according to the frequency you use the sauna, a daily sauna bath is not harmful. On the following pages you get more information about the number of sauna sessions and about advices how long a sauna session should least.

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