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How many sauna sessions a day are appropriated?

WDuring a sauna visit, one to three sauna sessions are appropriated. In this way, you can achieve a positive effect, without harming your health. More sauna sessions could weaken the body too much. Between the single sauna sessions, it is recommended to move out to fresh air and to achieve a cool down through a cold shower. Afterwards, experienced sauna users without high blood pressure may take a cold bath at the diving pool, which can intensify the healthy cooling down. After the last session, you should drink enough – ideally water or spritzer -, to balance out your loss of fluids. We have got more information complied for you here.

Depending on how often you take a sauna bath a week, you should adjust the sauna sessions per sauna visit appropriately. For your orientation, the following advice could be useful: 1 x sauna a week = 3 sessions, 2 x a week = 2 sessions, sauna every day = 1 session. In the end, your personal feeling is decisive.

The duration of a sauna session varies, depending on how many sauna session you take. More information about how long one should stay at the sauna, you may find here.

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