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Minimum period: How long should you stay in the sauna in order to achieve positive healthy effects?

A sauna session should at least last 8 minutes. The positive healthy effects of a sauna session arise if the pores open and the blood vessels are dilated through the heat: Through the increased body temperature and the sweat production, the body is able to bring toxic substances from the inside to the outside, the metabolism and the purification get stimulated and the general state of health is improved. To achieve this process, the heat has to influence the body for a longer time. Generally recommended is a time of 8 - 15 minutes, in order to strengthen the body but not overstrain it. The first session of sweating should take between 8 and 10 minutes, every further session should last 10 to 15 minutes.

Sauna for beginners

Sauna beginner should ideally start at the lower benches. For trained sauna users the most effective way is it to use the upper (hotter) benches for short but strong sweating. Before you leave the sauna, you should sit on the lower benches for about 2 minutes to become your circulation acclimatized to the upright position. Following the heat, it is necessary for the optimal health effect to take a cold shower and afterwards - for trained sauna users without high blood pressure - to take a cold bath in the diving pool.

Please be always aware: your own wellbeing is the most important aspect while taking a sauna bath! If you do not feel well or have other complaints, it is necessary to leave the sauna and relax your body.

A sauna visit normally consists of three sauna sessions, but it is depending on your personal health. In case of multiple sauna visits a week the number of sauna sessions should be reduced in order not to stress the body. To get more information about this please look here.

When is it harmful to take a sauna bath?

Here again: Listen to your body! Please always check your health. If you do not feel well or your pulse quickens up, you should better leave the sauna and cool down your body slowly (a cold bath would be harmful in this case). Also, if you have body complaints, like cardiovascular problems or if you got an acute infection, you should not take a sauna bath. More information about for whom it is not allowed to go in the sauna, can be found here.

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