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How do I plan my garden sauna?
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Design garden sauna with front room and glass corner.

Your own garden sauna this means pure relaxation, surrounded by greenery. The TOP 9 tips for your planning:

We plan and build your garden sauna:

Which location is ideal?

A garden sauna can be built directly in the garden or, like a conservatory, can be attached to your house as a body. Then, if necessary, a direct access to the shower in the house can be used, so that no extra shower is required in the sauna extension. If the garden sauna is located separately in the garden or on the terrace, the design can be designed more freely. If possible, you should position the sauna on the property in such way that it is protected from view. You can plan a visual protection, but the most beautiful is a clear view into the garden. Or you can opt for a rustic-homely sauna with little glass as in the photo, to enjoy sauna comfortably.

Garden sauna: which surface is suitable?

In order to prevent the garden sauna from sagging away, it must be placed on a well-fortified surface. Ideal is a ground-deep, insulated foundation. Alternatively, depending on the size/weight, it is possible to place the outdoor sauna on a paved surface or to use a screw foundation. We are happy to advise you: CONTACT >

Building permit outdoor sauna

Many of our garden sauna projects could be implemented without planning permission. However, depending on size and state, a building permit may be required. All information: BUILDING PERMIT >

Planning a garden sauna: floor plans

The floor plan for your garden sauna depends on your wishes: should only the sauna be accommodated? Or should a relaxation area and a shower be integrated? Here you can see an example of a garden sauna with relaxation room and shower area next to the sauna. This way you can cool down immediately after the sauna session and take advantage of the healthy Kneipp effect.

In any case, we recommend that you plan at least a small entrance room in order to hang your bathrobe and undress in a protected view. The size of the sauna itself depends on your habits: do you prefer sitting in the sauna or lying down? Read here all information about SAUNASIZE > and the different TYPES OF SAUNA >

The adjacent sketch is just a suggestion: we manufacture your garden sauna according to measure, everything is freely planable according to your wishes. It is best to visit one of our garden sauna exhibitions to get advice and convince yourself of the quality of our outdoor saunas.

Garden sauna: Prices & Design

The design and design of your garden sauna are closely related to your budget planning: We offer a custom log cabin sauna from 14,999 €.

With the freely planned design outdoor sauna, everything is possible: from the Rhombus corpus (from 27,000 €) to the luxury sauna house, which can also be used as a guest house (from 60,000 €).

Your garden sauna is an acquisition for life. Take your time: We recommend visiting our outdoor sauna exhibitions. Here we show you all options and plan the project together with you. It’s worth it! SAUNA EXHIBITIONS >

Exterior cladding

Various options are available for the exterior cladding of the garden sauna: The log cabin sauna can be colour-coded as desired. It is made of the best solid wood in 70 mm thick log cabin planks.

Various options are available for the exterior cladding of the outdoor design sauna: Rhombus profile made of larch. Or a plaster carrier plate, which is plastered on the building side. Or a sheet material such as Trespa® or rock panel®, which is available in many colours.

Particularly high-quality and extremely durable is special ceramic, which is available in different optics (e.g. metallic look, simple color, wood look). This material has maximum moisture, frost and UV resistance. The large-format panels create a very calm, noble look >

Roof | Window | Doors

As a roof shape, we recommend a flat roof that slops slightly backwards. The roof greening is not only visually a gain for your outdoor sauna, but also ensures protection and durability of the roof sealing.

We recommend double insulated wooden frame windows. As a door element, we recommend either an aluminium sliding door with frame or a thresholdless, floor-to-ceiling sliding element.

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Electricity & Water: what to consider?

We recommend an electric oven to heat your garden sauna, for this you need a high current connection with 400 volts. Alternatively, a wood-fired sauna stove is also possible: this must in any case be approved in advance by the local chimney sweep! When a shower is integrated, a water connection must be installed at frost-free depth (identical to normal house construction).

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