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What are the benefits of sauna bathing? Why is a sauna bath good for the health?

Regular sauna-bathing has a lot of positive effects on the health and the well-being: Firstly the toxics, which are deposited in the body will be transported to the outwards while sweating. Thus, the body will be purified and cleaned. Furthermore, the metabolism is stimulated, the immune system gets strengthened and in general the fitness is improved. After a while, the body learns how to attune better with the changing charms between heat and cold: the body reacts faster with complying sweating and the cardiovascular system gets positively influenced and trained. A sauna bath is also really good after sport ideal.

There is no denying that a sauna bath has a positive effect on the mood and provides relaxation. Even sleep disorder and headaches can be reduced by regularly sauna visits.

What are the positive sauna effects for the skin?

The skin gets strongly supplied with blood, therefore the skin gets provided with ample of oxygen and nutrients: through the heat, the metabolism of the skin works twice as fast as normally. The effect is a pink, tight skin at the whole body. The pores of the skin open through the heat, so that care products can be absorbed very well during the rest period or after the sauna visit. In the long run, it also can be noticed that many regularly sauna visitors have got a stronger protective acid mantle and therefore they are not losing that much minerals over the skin while sweating.

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