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At what age are you allowed to take a sauna bath? At which age are small children allowed to take a sauna bath?

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There is no clearly defined age limit, from what time on a baby or a small child is allowed to take a sauna bath. According to the recommendations of the German sauna bond is it possibly “at the age of 4 month”, if the baby is healthy according to U4. The professional association of paediatricians BVKJ, however, is against the use of sauna when the child is not at least aged one year. In the end, it is the decision of the parents, if they take their child with them for a sauna bath before it is aged one year. But at the age of one year, there should not be any problems about taking your child to a sauna bath, if your child is healthy and has fun with it (as far as our experience goes, most children really enjoy the sauna bath). It is important to approach slowly and gently and always check, how your child reacts:  

At first is it better to start with a low temperature at about 60 degrees in the dry Finnish sauna, without any infusions. Start for example with a short session of 3 to maximum 5 minutes on a middle or low bench. In the beginning of taking sauna baths, you should only do one session. The child should take a tepid shower and go out in the fresh air, drink enough and afterwards the child should cuddle with his parents and relax. 

If your child likes it, you can increase the sauna sessions up to two after a while. But it is very important that the parents always take a sauna bath together with their children, so that the child is never alone in the sauna!

The best way to have a relaxing sweating with your child is at your own sauna at home. In case of taking your child to a public sauna, you should get information about when and at which age it is allowed or if there are special times for “baby or children sauna”.

If you got more special questions about how to use a sauna, we are happy to answer these questions personally.

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