Sauna: who is not allowed?

Hotel sauna with natural stones and backlit saltstone wall at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hamburg
Regular sauna strengthens the immune system.

For whom is sauna not recommended?Who should better not go to the sauna? What should be considered?:

Important note: Please talk to your doctor if you have a disease, whether sauna is suitable for you or what you have to consider.

From when is it allowed to go to sauna with a new tattoo?

With a fresh tattoo, it is important that the tattoo is completely healed. Otherwise, there is a risk that the tattoo will break open and lose color. In a good tattoo studio you will usually receive a leaflet with the exact instructions and times.

When can I go to the sauna again after a surgery?

When you are allowed to go back to the sauna after surgery depends on the type and course of the surgery. You should clarify this with the attending doctor in any case.

Is it allowed to go to the sauna with rheumatism?

Basically, you can go to the sauna with rheumatism, but only outside an acute inflammatory interval. Talk to your doctor in advance.

In case of which diseases should you not go to the sauna?

People with kidney problems, inflammation or acute infections, heart failure or heart disease, as well as problems with dizziness, are some indications in which the sauna must/should be dispensed with. Not every disease picture and every expression can be discussed in detail here. Please consult with your doctor if you have an illness, whether sauna is suitable for you or what points you may need to consider when sauna bathing.

Is it allowed to go to the sauna during pregnancy?

If there are no acute health problems, then pregnant women can go to the sauna without any problems to enjoy the warmth and to relax.

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