Reclaimed wood sauna is in vogue

Family sauna home made of reclaimed wood with a view from the window directly into the garden

One of the current top sauna trends: The design of the sauna for the home with reclaimed wood. This special wood gives the sauna an extraordinary charm: alpine chic for the home – for a holiday feeling in your own four walls.

Reclaimed wood: what is that anyway?

There is a lot of talk on the market about reclaimed wood, but often it is wood with an “old look”. When we talk about reclaimed wood, we mean original old wood: that is, this wood comes from old farmhouses and huts in Austria. The wood has been exposed to the weather there for decades: rain, wind and sun have had an effect on the wood for years, giving it its unique, quaint character: Each piece of the reclaimed wood tells its very own story, so to speak… In order to be able to use the wood for the construction of the sauna, it is carefully removed, cleaned and processed. There are lighter and darker sorts. The original sunburnt boards all have an individual look, none looks like the other. But that’s exactly what is desired and the special thing about the original old wood.

Reclaimed wood sauna inspirations

Would you like to be inspired? We have already been able to plan and manufacture numerous sauna projects with this special quaint wood . Let yourself be inspired to find suitable ideas for the design of your own sauna. Feel free to take a look around:

Reclaimed wood: special wood with character

Reclaimed wood exudes its very own, rustic charm: this wood has been shaped by the weather over the years into a wood with a strong character. When it comes to sauna design with this wood, we speak of the so-called design in “alpine chic”. Our customers report again and again that you can relax wonderfully while taking a sauna, because the wood makes your thoughts wander about your last holiday in the mountains… With a reclaimed wood sauna, you can bring your holiday home – and you can also relax perfectly from everyday life at home.

We are happy to support you in sauna planning: you have all the options for the floor plans, as we plan and manufacture your sauna to measure for you. (The floor plans in the picture are only examples – anything is possible.)

Reclaimed wood sauna – selected projects

Reclaimed wood sauna made to measure:
Family sauna with integrated window

Reclaimed wood sauna with glass front:
Symmetrical sauna with floating benches

Old wood outdoor sauna:
Garden sauna by the pool with old wood

Old wood sauna with sloping roof:
Made-to-measure sauna with glass front next to the shower

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Since we have our corso sauna, I am much more relaxed.
Sabine Schneider

Costs of a reclaimed wood sauna

In addition to precious woods such as walnut, original old wood is one of the most expensive types of wood for sauna design. The refurbishment is complex and the woods are unique. Prices and all further information can be found in our sauna line CHALET >

Sauna exhibition

If you want to get an impression, we recommend a visit to corso sauna exhibition, where we can also advise you comprehensively on the planning of your sauna: SAUNA EXHIBITIONS >

Sauna manufacturer: the right partner for your project

Your sauna is a purchase for life. Therefore, you should take the time to choose the right sauna manufacturer for your “Project Relaxation”. At corso you are at the right address…

  • if you are looking for an individually designed sauna to measure
  • when good planning and attractive design are important to you
  • if you value the best quality of craftsmanship. Made in Germany.

We are already looking forward to planning the sauna with you!