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We are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the topic sauna. - In order that you may realize your own personal sauna-dream soon!


The main material of a sauna is wood, which is used for the benches and the interior covering of the cabin. To optically improve a sauna, it is possible to build in stone wall elements or a salt wall behind the sauna oven. The different kind of wood sorts differentiate with respect to the optics, the haptics and the smell. Frequently used sorts of wood are spruce, aspen, oak and hemlock. We will be happy to advise you with the planning of your sauna and we will select your desired wood together with you.

If you want to turn your sauna into a real eye catcher and when you like to have a farsightedness from the inside, you should in any case consider the use of glass in your plannings: Especially for design saunas, glass gets used more and more often to achieve a lightness and transparency. In the area of the doors an 8 mm strong ESG (single-pane safety glass) gets used and in the remaining area there will be inserted 10 mm ESG. Concerning the varieties of your personal design, there are hardly no limits, whether if the glass should be built in framed or frameless and on the floor level. We will be happy about your ideas and wishes, which we gladly accept as a challenge!

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Sauna mit Steinwand-Elemente

In order to stage your sauna dream, you can revaluate the atmosphere with the right lights. Our advice is to take a high quality LED lighting, which is specially made for sauna building to endure the extreme pressure of heat and humidity. The lighting is dimmable and, depending on which bulbs are used, a change of colour is possible in order to influence the positive atmosphere. We will be pleased to advise you!

We are glad to provide you a “look behind” the sauna cladding:
At corso sauna manufaktur, we use a stable frame wooden construction to build the sauna, which gives an extra strength. In this frame construction, a high quality insulation with a vapour barrier made of aluminium is brought in. The wall elements are standing on a height-adjustable base frame to balance out eventual unevenness of the ground, so that no possibly appearing moisture can penetrate into the wood.

Why aren’t there any kind of metal items in the equipment of a sauna?

We don’t use any kind of metal items in the equipment of a sauna, because the metal in the sauna heats up too strong, so it is possible to burn your skin if you get in contact with the metal.

Which oven is the right one?

The choice of the right oven for the sauna depends on the effective size of the sauna cabin. We advise the following performances:

  • sauna size between 3 and 6 m3 => sauna oven with 4,5 kW output
  • sauna size between 5 and 9 m3 => sauna oven with 6,0 kW output
  • sauna size between 8 and 11 m3 => sauna oven with 8,0 kW output
  • sauna size between 10 and 12 m3 => sauna oven with 9,0 kW output

If you haven’t yet found the precise answers to your questions in our FAQs, you may of course also reach us personally.

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