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Some customers have asked us: Why is a sauna made of wood?

Some customers have asked us: Why is a sauna made of wood?

Das Holz für Ihre corso-Sauna holen wir aus den endlosen Weiten Kanadas, vom skandinavischen Polarkreis oder aus den tiefen Wäldern Europas.

The Finnish word SAUNA means translated ROOM OF WOOD. The use of wood for building a sauna has got traditional but also practical reasons. The typical classic sauna comes from Finland and there are a lot of wooden cottages. Moreover, saunas which are made of wood, are comfortable: if you touch the surface with bare skin, wood is not that hot as for example a stone wall. Furthermore, the design possibilities in constructing a custom-made sauna with wood are almost unlimited!

Unbehandelte Innenverkleidung aus hochwertigem Nussbaum und Bänken in Thermo-Espe.

The wood is used for the building of the benches and the interior covering of the cabin. The different kind of wood sorts differentiate with respect to the optics, the haptics and the smell. Frequently used sorts of wood are spruce, aspen, oak and hemlock. We will be happy to advise you with the planning of your sauna and we will select your desired wood together with you.

From a technical point of view, wood isolates heat in a natural way and collects moisture much better. A lot of other materials would imply the risk of mould formation.

What are the care instructions for sauna wood?

Ideally, you always use a large towel in the sauna and you care for that no sweat or care products get in touch with the wood. Then, as a rule, it is sufficient to dry or damply wipe off the wood if required.


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50 Years corso

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