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We are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the topic sauna. - In order that you may realize your own personal sauna-dream soon!


Find out in the following, which conditions have to be fulfilled for the installation of a sauna and which rooms are suitable for a sauna cabin.

Planen Sie Ihre Sauna mit uns.

When planning a sauna for your own home, you should first think about where you feel comfortable taking a sauna bath and where you have enough space for your desired sauna or design-sauna. It is for example possible to rebuild a former children’s room into a private-SPA area or build in a sauna under a slopping roof or in a corner. We will be glad to assist you in your planning and finding together with you the best possible utilization of the available space! Our expert planners have already realised many individual solutions even for unusual sauna locations. You will benefit from the fact that every sauna by corso sauna manufaktur is tailor-made; thus every centimetre of the given space can be used optimally.

Ideally, there is already a shower possibility given near the planned sauna location or there is a water supply, so a wet area can be supplied. Therefore, your bathroom i. e. would be a perfect place to build-in a sauna. Furthermore, it would be optimal, if you can go outside near the sauna, so you may get some fresh between the sauna sessions.

On a technical scale, it is important to have a power connection or the possibility of a connection. Moreover, the floor covering must be suitable for the building of a sauna:

Is it possible to set up a sauna on a laminate floor?

A sauna should not be installed on laminate or carpet. The most suitable floors are made of plastic, ceramic, exposed concrete or stone. Wooden floors are suitable only to a limited extent, because it is possible that the wood comes in contact with humidity through infusions and sweat. The floor should be sound and heat insulated. The sauna cabin itself has no floor. Optionally, however, it is possible to put a floor board made of wood or PVC on the already exciting floor, which can be removed for cleaning.

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Which power connection is needed for a sauna?

For the use of a sauna, a power connection with 400 Volt is needed. Please also note that the safety distances between the power connection and any external water connections have to be observed. The sauna oven and the sauna control unit have to be connected and attached by a suitably qualified expert.

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