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Take a closer look on our professional sauna references and get some inspiration before you plan your project. Let your desires run free and offer your guests unforgettable moments in your professional dream sauna...


Pure inspiration...! It is with pleasure that we show you a choice of the nicest corso professional sauna projects: no matter whether small private hotel, pension or design hotel, from the fitness centre about the Day spa up to the sauna country: We do the utmost with a lot of heart blood for you, so that your guests can deep-relax in tailor-made saunas. When may we convince your of our enthusiasm...?

With pleasure we send your our list of references!


Extravagant and chic: Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg

Refreshing and extravagantRefreshing and extravagantRefreshing and extravagantRefreshing and extravagant

This high quality design sauna convinces with its extraordinary look. The interior lining consists of old wood: for this purpose, the old planks of Austrian mountain cottages were reprocessed. With this sauna, even the highest demands are fully satisfied. The benches are made of thermal-treated aspen wood. Strong infusions are possible because of the oven with a rock volume of 120 kg. The stone wall, which is made of Nepal Brick, ideally fits to the quaint atmosphere. The brine mist and also the salt stonewall make the guests take a deep breath. The atmosphere created by the back lighting of the big rough salt stones, is unique. Together with the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, we have created an appealing wellness area.


In the middle of the green: Sauna with salt and herbs in the hotel garden

Commercial herbal sauna with old wood and natural stonesherbal sauna with old wood and herbal - glass picturessalt sauna with dimmable back-lit salt stonesThe adjoining relax area at the sauna-outdoor house.

corso has designed and built two kinds of sauna for the holiday house Höpke, which offers their guests pure relaxation at the new designed wellness-hotel garden: The salt sauna, which is combined with bright aspen and dark thermo aspen preserves through the dimmable back-lit salt stones a special warm and cosy atmosphere. Besides, the salinity of the air is alike fortified by the automatic brim mist of a sea breeze. The herbal sauna spreads quite an own, earthy charm: with sun burned old wood from Austria, natural stones behind the oven and the herbal-glass pictures, the guests smell and feel the nature and are able to look through the big glass elements so that the thoughts may wander into the green of the hotel-garden…The low-maintenance system inter alia with an automatic infusions, has been individually designed for Hotel Höpke and it was co-ordinated on the style of the new wellness area.


„Typically Dresden“: new sauna facility at Georg-Arnhold-Bad/Dresden

Panoramic sauna at new sauna facility in DresdenCoffee house sauna at new sauna facility in DresdenRustic sauna at new sauna facility in DresdenProfessional sauna at new sauna facility in DresdenProfessional sauna at new sauna facility in DresdenHamam at new sauna facility in DresdenNew sauna facility in Dresden

corso has built four generous saunas, a steam bath an the ice fountain for the new sauna facility at Georg-Arnhold-Bad. To create a general view "typical for Dresden", all saunas have a thematic relation to the city and region: from the hay sauna "Dresdner Elbwiesen" with ergonomically formed couches up to the "coffee house sauna" in which a light aroma of freshly burnt coffee-beans is in the air. From the panoramic sauna with the silhouette of Dresden, the guests can enjoy the view at the atrium with ist outside pool. An interesting combination has originated in cooperation with the „Staatliche Kunstsammlungen“ (state art collections): thus the walls of the facility are designed with baroque and renaissance art.


Inspiration pur: corso „best practice“ fitness centres

Professional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centresProfessional saunas by corso: best practices at fitness centres

corso realises made-to-measure professional saunas for the hospitality industry as well as breath-taking sauna designs for fitness centres. Pictures say more than words… let yourself be inspired by numerous wellness dreams which we have built for selected studios, among others in Switzerland: from the biggest sauna in Switzerland and a design sauna with aquarium up to „eyecatchers“ with fiery screens. There are almost no ideas which we could not realise for your project. Any challenge is accepted with pleasure!


Warm and harmoniously

Warm and harmoniously

Warm and harmoniouslyWarm and harmoniouslyWarm and harmoniously

The new sauna world with wellness area in the Sauerland Stern Hotel creates a special atmosphere and gives pure relaxation to every sophisticated guest. The exclusive design of the spacious sauna cabins is emphasized by the noble, dark thermo-aspen wood. The big sauna ovens in front of the high-quality stone wall allow strong and aromatic infusions.


Extraordinary and impressive: Elements München

Extraordinary and impressiveExtraordinary and impressiveExtraordinary and impressiveView in the BI-O sauna

This design sauna by corso is made of hemlock with fitted strips of aspen in relief optics. Even the oven is disguised. A big “relaxing area” invites the guest to stretch out with pleasure. The soft backrest and under bench lighting illuminates the sauna and conjures up a pleasant atmosphere. At the Elements München, a fascinating setting for a spa area has been created. You can escape the everyday life for a short time – sweating can be so wonderful.


Teutonic relaxing: quaint theme world at the Alfen Saunaland

Teutonic relaxing at the Alfen SaunalandTeutonic relaxaing in the outdoor sauna of the Alfen SaunalandThe  herbal sauna at the Alfen SaunalandThe salt cave at Alfen Saunaland

Relaxing and sauna in the “Germanic way”. A special and quaint atmosphere is given by an incredible theme world at the Alfen Saunaland in Rieste. Every sauna has been planned and built by corso. A very special aspect about this wellness area is a Finnish sauna with two floors, which is unique in its way. The outside salt grotto matches to the rustic theme and is built out of massif Kelo-tree trunks. Also the herbal sauna as well as the steam bath fit perfectly in the overall picture. Germanic wall paintings, a rustic fire area, a Germanic swimming pool and many more are rounding off the entire picture. When do you recharge your batteries with the four elements at the Teutonic Alfen Saunaland…??


Over the rooftops of the city: Relaxing with Penthouse character

The salt stone walls are backlit with colour changing light.The salt stone walls are backlit with colour changing light.The Douglas fir-gap creates a ski logde like atmosphere...The solar burnt  old wood of the interior trim creates an earthy atmosphere

The Venice Beach offers about 3,000 square metres of the latest fitness with penthouse character at the Postgalerie Karlsruhe – in a building, which is listed for preservation, above the roofs of the town. Matching to the high-quality modern style of the studio, the wellness area was also furnished whose central "oasis of tranquility" is a sauna scenery planned and implemented by corso.The guests of the Venice Beach are invited to sweating and relaxing their muscles at two Finnish saunas and a BI-O sauna. A side wall with Douglas fir-gap wood was decorated in wooden log optics, as a decorative element to take the guests on an imaginary trip to the ski hut. The interior trim of solar-burnt old wood spreads an earthy-comfortable atmosphere and also the back lit salt stone walls contribute with their colour changing light to the deep relaxation of the sauna guests.


Elegant and rustic: the outdoor sauna at the „Jagdhaus Eiden“

Elegant and rusticElegant and rusticElegant and rusticElegant and rustic

This outdoor sauna offers simple elegance combined with the rustic interior of Austrian old wood. With the ultra-modern water-wheel oven, this sauna is particularly suitable and comfortable for commercial use, as the infusions perform fully automatically at regular intervals. A visit at the Jagdhaus Eiden is worthwhile anyway, to take a look at the expanded spa-program as well as at the spacious relaxing room.


Passionate and stylish

Passionate and stylishPassionate and stylishPassionate and stylishPassionate and stylish

The corso sauna is aflame with gently colored light. A color change dips the sauna in a beautiful shade of red. It is possible to change the light in to any other color. The guests have the pleasure of a stylish sauna. The soft, light of the aspen wood invites you to feel completely relax and enjoy the quite. Let your guest have a new sauna experience. Corso sauna manufaktur makes it possible.

Friendly and atmospheric

Friendly and atmosphericFriendly and atmospheric

This sauna enriches the sauna experience; it has a large salt stone wall, which brings not only visual, but also health benefits. Because it is a natural product, there is a wonderful color match, colors from apricot, white and bright orange, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The sauna shown here was made by corso sauna manufaktur for a customer in the Swiss canton Valais.

Bright and luxuriously

Bright and luxuriouslyBright and luxuriouslyBright and luxuriouslyBright and luxuriously

The mill-furnace makes a good hot sauna bath with grate infusions. The sauna is made of light aspen wood brings, the color give guests pure relaxation. The calm appearance of the sauna provides it with soothing atmosphere.

Cozy and warm

Cozy and warm

This corso sauna manufaktur, from the Osnabrückerland, combines originality and clear design. Thus, the natural stone provides a decorative contrast with the straight wood design of the ceiling and walls in aspen and seating and benches in thermal aspen. Down lights provide atmospheric lighting accents, and the panorama window to the pool area evokes joyful anticipation to jump into the cool waters. The "Herkules-Profiofen" heater with its capacity for 120kg of stone provides plenty of heat.

Elegant and generous

Elegant and generous

The open-view concept is the highlight of this corso sauna. The solid glass front opens up the space, from inside the cabin it seem even bigger. From the outside, it draws attention to detailed color and material contrasts, such as the thermal timber side walls with the bright intermediate springs or between the rear wall with its dark granite. The whole sauna is skillfully staged by the indirect light from the LED strips.

Modern and sensual

Modern and sensual

Different colored aspen wood, seating and bench areas and rounded ceiling. This Sauna not only shines due to its wonderful design, but also it is a technical all-rounder. Thanks Combined heating system with external heat exchanger, it presents itself as you wish, as a Finnish hot air sauna or hot moist bio sauna. In addition, fragrances release system, colored LED lights and sound system promise pure wellness for all senses.

Charming and quaint

Charming and quaintCharming and quaint

In the French Alps you can find is this corso sauna, it is especially charming because of the old wood, which was used. Often the wood is taken from the sidings of former farmhouses, because it is drawn from rain, wind and sun. The old wood gives the sauna a quaint feel and is magnificent eye-catcher. As well as the furnace niche out of natural stone that invites for large infusions. Some fir aroma in the copper boiler and the alpine sauna feeling is perfect.

Bright and relaxing: Holiday home on Norderney

Bright and relaxing on Norderney

The Finnish sauna at the Haus Christine had to be built up from the ground, to offer the guests of the holiday apartment “total relaxing”. For this case, corso has planned and installed a bright sauna with vertically laid aspen wood. The guests are really enthused especially by the lighting concept: From now on, every guest can leave their daily grind behind and simply relax and enjoy the pleasant heat in the new sauna. The smooth transitions from fresh green, calm blue, strong red or creative yellow provide a relaxing sauna atmosphere. Our recommendation: just switch off on Norderney and get inspired by the individual and exclusive designed apartments at the Haus Christine…

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