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You will be enthusiastic about the outdoor design saunas by corso - due to their modern design and simple elegance. Pure relaxation, right in the middle of your private dream garden!

Outdoor design-sauna on a rooftopoutdoor sauna Coolmore Manor Houseoutdoor sauna Corsika, relaxation areaDesign outdoor sauna corSUITE: The multi-functional sauna.Design outdoor sauna corSUITE: The multi-functional sauna.Outdoor sauna with colour-changing lighting


As with all our products, it is important to us even with our outdoor saunas, that your expectations are not only met, but also surpassed. In this connection, we pay particular attention to high quality optics. The pleasant sauna experience, which we guarantee by our high standards of quality, is supported by our sophisticated design concepts.

Garden sauna-design

A real eye-catcher for your garden or patio is guaranteed by opting for a design garden sauna made by corso sauna manufaktur. In the design saunas, design and functionality merge in a perfect symbiosis. This unique experience is complemented by the ideal comfort in our concepts, so that you will feel comfortable after a quick assembly by our professionals. The multifaceted outdoor saunas are characterized by their light-filled glass facades and contrasting designed interior.

Please contact us so we can plan your garden design-sauna.

Design saunas of high quality

The outdoor design sauna CORSIKA with its puristic design and noble planking is the tasteful interpretation of an outstanding garden sauna.

The outdoor design-sauna corSUITE is pure multifunction: it may not only be used as a sauna cabin, but also for example as lounge, guest house, winter garden or pool house.

Only YOUR wishes count

Above all, our outdoor saunas are custom-made. Every sauna is unique, one of a kind that is designed and built according to your wishes, optimally exploiting the available space. Diverse choices in the exterior give us the opportunity to specifically tune your sauna dreams to suit your tastes and your individual wishes. You make the decision whether your sauna design stands out of a reduced simple wood effect or a solid-colored aluminum paneling. You choose from gravel or natural green roof and decide between an open glass concept or a rustic closed sauna. Whatever your desire sauna looks like, our team offers advice throughout the planning.

Tastefully and environmentally conscious

The optimum insulation supports environmentally friendly energy usage, so that you can enjoy a relaxing day in your outdoor sauna with a clear conscience. The decoration of the interior of the garden saunas is also very versatile, so you can optionally integrate a relaxation area or even a shower in all sizes in the cottage.

Professional outdoor sauna

You want to extend your spa to an extraordinary attraction? Then you are exactly at the right place. Whether classic Kelo houses or purist, modern cabins – we offer a wide range of custome-made saunas for commercial use.

Design for your spa facility

Together with you, we develop an outdoor sauna or an entire spa paradise that match your requirements and the needs of your business plan. Look in our commercial references to get an idea about what design might be right for you.

Plan your commercial sauna with corso.

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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