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Individual and gentle for your cardiovascular system: the infrared cabin offers a good alternative. At corso, you will get an individually manufactured cabin - tailor-made to your wishes.

Infrared cabin in walnut with concealed infrared radiators.Light-coloured design sauna with additional infrared lightDesign infrared cabin with glass frontLight-coloured hemlock sauna with built-in, turnable infrared lightInside view of a infrared cabinInfrared cabin from corso sauna manufakturInfrared cabin customised - gentle to the skin.


The gentle one

Infrared light creates a natural heat which is probably best compared with a wonderfully relaxing sunbath. Especially people, who feel that conventional saunas are stressful for her body, find in an infra-red cabin, a very healthy and beneficial alternative. A bath in an infrared cabin has a similar effect as a good sauna bath. As opposed to a sauna, the infrared light penetrates deep into the skin and underlying layers of tissue, while the cabin temperature is low in a range between 38 to 50 degrees Celsius so bath in an infra-red cabin is particularly gentle on the cardiovascular system.

Be particularly effective is a bathing period of about 30 minutes. A subsequent lukewarm shower makes fresh, fit and the strenuous life vanishes into the distance. The infrared sauna is an effective and very gentle spa for every day and every age. The infrared sauna cabins corso manufaktur are manufactured individually according to your needs and are available with infrared heaters.

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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