Sauna house as hotel SPA


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Plug & play. Without construction stress.

Is your hotel sauna outdated? Is there not enough space for the wellness area indoors? Our solution: a compact outdoor SPA with

  • Rustic and cosy sauna
  • integrated shower
  • Relaxation room with glass front

Short planning. No construction stress. Hardly any construction noise. And the year-round occupancy rate can be increased.

CORSO 5013 s ma beratung | corso saunamanufaktur
Outdoor SPA
With the wellness sauna house, we will definitely increase our occupancy rate in autumn/winter.
Manja Wyk, Hotelier Seehotel Lichtenberg

Hotel outdoor sauna

“In relation to the price per square meter for complete interior conversions, our plug & play wellness area for hotels is comparatively cheap. We adapt the design to the style of the hotel. Of course, several modules can also be combined to create larger wellness areas,” explains Benedictus Lingens, Managing Director of corso sauna manufaktur.

The Outdoor SPA is a perfect compact solution, everything is united under one roof: the sauna, the shower to cool off and the relaxation area to relax. The large sliding hinged door allows the relaxation room to be opened generously. In the colder season, the underfloor heating ensures a pleasant temperature.

Your advantages at corso:

  • Complete production in our own manufactory
  • Delivery of the sauna house by truck-mounted crane
  • On-site connection in just a few hours
CORSO 5013 s beratungsgespraech | corso saunamanufaktur
Beratung vom Profi
The sauna house is an ideal solution if there is no space available in the hotel or the wellness area is to be expanded with a new attraction
Benedictus Lingens, corso sauna manufaktory

Plug & Play Wellness

Seehotel Lichtenberg is located on a wooded peninsula directly above Lake Luzin. The property is crisscrossed by winding paths and ancient oaks: an oasis of peace for nature lovers. Manja Wyk, hotel operator: “Our guests go hiking, cycling or kayaking on the lake. With us you can unwind and relax in the sauna.” However, the old sauna had to be closed – and the hotel lacked the space for an appealing SPA. That’s how the idea of planning an outdoor SPA was born. Ralf Wyk comments: “We already had very specific ideas and everything should be built according to our wishes.” Another aspect was to have as little disruption as possible to the ongoing hotel operations: with a short construction time and little construction noise. The two hoteliers did some research on the internet to look for inspiration for the commercial outdoor sauna. Ralf Wyk: “We really liked corso’s references – and we liked the old wood because it spreads such a rustic, cosy atmosphere. We then arranged a consultation with corso and also visited the manufactory. In conversation with specialist planner Regina Schwab, it quickly became clear that we had found the right partner. On the homepage it says that corso plans “with a great feeling for design” – I can only confirm that.”

It was important to both hotel operators that the outdoor sauna blends in well with the landscape. For this purpose, the slope was partially excavated and the sauna was virtually incorporated into the hill. The integration is rounded off by the green roof and the stone wall. In the exterior design, the materials and colours of the main house were taken up with natural larch and white windows.


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Flying sauna house

Manja Wyk: “It was definitely a very exciting moment when the outdoor sauna, which weighed several tons, flew over our entire hotel and then landed on the hill. That took my breath away for a moment. – Now I am glad that we can offer our guests a beautiful retreat to relax. With this wellness area, we will definitely increase our occupancy rate in autumn/winter.” The sauna is controlled via a card slot: guests can book the outdoor sauna and, if desired, reserve it as a private SPA – turning the sauna into a profit center.


External dimensions: 8 x 3 meters.
Total weight: 6 tons.
Design and construction: 9 months.

Reference: Seehotel Lichtenberg
Photos: Arnt Haug