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Passionate and stylish

Passionate and stylishPassionate and stylishPassionate and stylishPassionate and stylish

The corso sauna is aflame with gently colored light. A color change dips the sauna in a beautiful shade of red. It is possible to change the light in to any other color. The guests have the pleasure of a stylish sauna. The soft, light of the aspen wood invites you to feel completely relax and enjoy the quite. Let your guest have a new sauna experience. Corso sauna manufaktur makes it possible.

Friendly and atmospheric

Friendly and atmosphericFriendly and atmospheric

This sauna enriches the sauna experience; it has a large salt stone wall, which brings not only visual, but also health benefits. Because it is a natural product, there is a wonderful color match, colors from apricot, white and bright orange, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The sauna shown here was made by corso sauna manufaktur for a customer in the Swiss canton Valais.

Bright and luxuriously

Bright and luxuriouslyBright and luxuriouslyBright and luxuriouslyBright and luxuriously

The mill-furnace makes a good hot sauna bath with grate infusions. The sauna is made ​​of light aspen wood brings, the color give guests pure relaxation. The calm appearance of the sauna provides it with soothing atmosphere.

Cozy and warm

Cozy and warm

This corso sauna manufaktur, from the Osnabrückerland, combines originality and clear design. Thus, the natural stone provides a decorative contrast with the straight wood design of the ceiling and walls in aspen and seating and benches in thermal aspen. Down lights provide atmospheric lighting accents, and the panorama window to the pool area evokes joyful anticipation to jump into the cool waters. The "Herkules-Profiofen" heater with its capacity for 120kg of stone provides plenty of heat.

Elegant and generous

Elegant and generous

The open-view concept is the highlight of this corso sauna. The solid glass front opens up the space, from inside the cabin it seem even bigger. From the outside, it draws attention to detailed color and material contrasts, such as the thermal timber side walls with the bright intermediate springs or between the rear wall with its dark granite. The whole is skillfully staged by the indirect light from the LED strips.

Modern and sensual

Modern and sensual

Different colored aspen wood, seating and bench areas and rounded ceiling. This Sauna not only shines due to its wonderful design, but also it is a technical all-rounder. Thanks Combined heating system with external heat exchanger, it presents itself as you wish, as a Finnish hot air sauna or hot moist bio sauna. In addition, fragrances release system, colored LED lights and sound system promise pure wellness for all senses.

Charming and quaint

Charming and quaintCharming and quaint

In the French Alps you can find is this corso sauna, it is especially charming because of the old wood, which was used. Often the wood is taken from the sidings of former farmhouses, because it is drawn from rain, wind and sun. The old wood gives the sauna a quaint feel and is magnificent eye-catcher. As well as the furnace niche out of natural stone that invites for large infusions. Some fir aroma in the copper boiler and the alpine sauna feeling is perfect.

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