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With a high-quality design outdoor sauna, you create a real highlight for your garden - and get pure relaxation right in the middle of your garden!

Garden sauna Corsika A separate relaxing room in the style of the Corsika sauna can also be built.Garden sauna corsika.Garden sauna corsika.Garden sauna corsika.Garden sauna corsika.Garden sauna corsika.

The high-quality wooden facade can be made of oiled, thermally treaded aspen wood, which is very resistant, so it is a guarantee that you can enjoy your own outdoor sauna with very little maintenance. You have lots of materials to choose from for the facade cladding, for example Trespa®- or carrier boards. Through a big front window in the vestibule, a lot of light comes in and a great view of your garden is possible.

Garden sauna: modern and individual

It is possible to ament the room concept - depending on your taste - to more features. The vestibule of the sauna with an optional build-in bench gives enough space to get changed and it can be used as a relaxing area between every sauna session. A shower corner which is there to cool down can be integrated in the sauna. The glass sliding door between the vestibule and the sauna saves space and allowes a view through the glass frontage. We manufacture your design garden sauna in a modern way and according to your wishes.

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Comfortable sauna

Even the sauna room itself gives you a lot of space in order to build in reclining and sitting places. Another way to look outside in addition to the front window is given by small windows in the sauna above the benches. Another option for your garden sauna is given by a roof greening, which is not only an optical benefit: It gives protection and stability for the roof insulation. You also have the opportunity to choose a veranda attachment. This can be used after the sauna session to relax on your sun bed and enjoy your garden atmosphere.

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50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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