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See, feel, smell: Wood is a material for the senses. We offer over 100 different woods in order to find exactly what suits you.


Natural, comfortable, durable and pure: that are the characteristics of wood, for which we have a weakness. Every different kind of timber has its typical color, unique grain and its distinctive scent. All this makes our timber to something special - a material with its own character.

The wood for your corso sauna we get out of the endless plains of Canada, the Scandinavian Arctic Circle or from the deep forests of Europe. Overall, there are more than 100 varieties you can choose from. But all have one thing in common: they are environmentally conscious planted, beaten, placed and dried. Endangered species and tropical woods are taboo for us at corso.

The wood we use at corso to make our saunas, defies high temperatures without overheating, resinateing or warping. So you can enjoy your sauna for many years. Our bestsellers include fir and aspen that are locally grown, Norway spruce and Canadian hemlock as well as thermo aspen for outdoor saunas. Thermo-treated wood is moisture and dimensionally stable, harder and longer lasting.

Which wood would you like for your sauna? The fragrant fir with its distinctive stripes? The graceful aspen with a subtle pattern on white-gray background? The dark thermo aspen, whose color is reminiscent of exotic precious wood? The pretty polar spruce with its knots and spicy flavor? The gentle hemlock wood with its warm honey tone? You have the choice! Discover the diversity of character that the different varieties of woods have and choose your favorite.

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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