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Our massive wood saunas are completely made of high-quality, untreated wood. The spicy smell of wood reminds of a sunny forest walk in the dewy morning. Pure nature!

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The traditional one

A sauna made ​​of solid Nordic spruce or white spruce promises genuine and original spa enjoyment. The spicy scent of wood during a sauna bath will let you forget all troublesome thoughts and remind you of a walk in the woods on a sunny morning. A solid wood sauna is pure nature! The thick walls of high-quality, untreated wood store heat and release it slowly and continuously back to the interior of the sauna. At the same time the pleasant and unobtrusive fragrance of the essential oils in the wood are released and stimulate the senses.

Wood naturally has excellent physical properties. Therefore a solid wood sauna is in contrast to the element sauna made without artificial insulating material.

Modular structure

Composite frame with wall strength of 55 mm. The wall elements are placed on a base frame that is adjustable in height.

Outside height

210 cm.


The Walls are made from solid white fir planks, moulded and grooved, Horizontal and vertical woods are made into composite boards by 100 mm hard wood dowels.

Sauna door

Completely made of glass, without threshold, with adjustable magnetic lock, toughened safety glass in the following colours: clear (further decors and colours upon request). Optionally wooden door with 1 pane (or special equipment page 21).When ordering, please specify left or right hinged (DIN).

Sauna benches

Elegant seats and benches with extremely rounded fronts, arranged in a cascaded    form (see drawing) made from Aspen bars, weakly heat-conducting and free of splints and knots. Screwed and dowelled construction. The lower benches can be moved.
Bench width: top benches 63 cm, lower benches 55 cm, alternatively: 40 cm               

Back rests

Continues backrest, with a split middle bar.

Inserted ceiling cover

Screen with a split middle bar.

Head rests

One head rest per berth.

Air outlet

Special air vent valve integrated into the back or side wall.


From hygienic plastic, or, upon request from aspen wood bars.

Sauna heater

Wall-mounted design, type: Filius 4,5 KW, with rocks and heater guard. Wall-mounted, type: Fin-Tec 6,0, 7,5 or 9,0 KW, with rocks and heater guard. Free standing design, type: Euro Max 12,0 KW, with rocks and heater guard.

Sauna control

Electronical regulation with automatic switch off and pre-set time. VDE symbol. Type: DC 9000. Electrical connection on site.

Sauna light

Ceramics lamp with wooden lamp shade.

Accessory set

„Exclusive": Bucket, ladle, sand timer, thermo-/hygrometer, sauna rules board.

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