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Our solid wood saunas are completely made of high-quality, untreated wood. The spicy smell of wood reminds of a sunny forest walk in the dewy morning. Pure nature!

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The traditional one

A sauna made ​​of solid Nordic spruce or white spruce promises genuine and original spa enjoyment. The spicy scent of wood during a sauna bath will let you forget all troublesome thoughts and remind you of a walk in the woods on a sunny morning. A solid wood sauna is pure nature! The thick walls of high-quality, untreated wood store heat and release it slowly and continuously back to the interior of the sauna. At the same time the pleasant and unobtrusive fragrance of the essential oils in the wood are released and stimulate the senses.

Natural sauna made of solid wood

Pure, massive wood owns superior physical properties. This is why a sauna of solid wood works completely without any insulating material: a sufficient warm isolation is already reached only by the solid wood. We exclusively use high-quality and untreated raw materials and give you the possibility to choose between rent kinds of solid wood. The thick, solid walls of your sauna optimally store the warmth and then pass it slowly and continuously back to the interior of the sauna. Besides, the wooden surfaces are tempered pleasantly warmly. At the same time, the ethereal oils of the wood are released, which wake up the senses with their pleasant and unobstrusive smell.

It is with pleasure that we provide you with your private solid wood sauna - made to measure according to your wishes.

Just contact us and let us know your wishes!

Tailor-made solid wood sauna

The solid wood sauna is built with a wall strength of 55 mm. Besides, the wall elements stand on a height adjustable base, so that small ground unevennesses may be compensated. Concerning the planning of the sauna, we completely comply with your spatial situation and especially build the solid wood sauna to measure for you, so that - for example - the integration of a ramp or the construction within a corner is not any problem.

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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