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We are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the topic sauna. - In order that you may realize your own personal sauna-dream soon!


In the following, we explain why it is healthy to take a sauna bath after training.

Sports-medically speaking, every professional sportsman has to take a sauna bath after training. However, every hobby sportsman can profit from the positive effects of sauna. In addition to the physical and psychical relaxing, it is the positive effect of the regeneration, which makes the sauna bathing after sport that valuable: Waste products are transported away from the muscles and the muscles can relax, thus it prevents muscle pain or at least you will only feel lesser muscle pain.

The sauna bathing is also good in the case of sport injuries, because the stimulation of the metabolism and the light overheating of the body (hyperthermia) supports the healing process of minor muscle pain or injuries.

It is important to follow this sequence:

  • first do sport
  • then at least take a recreation time of 20 - 30 minutes, in order to normalize the pulse
  • afterwards take a sauna bath

In general, sauna bathing can achieve positive effects on your health. Here you will learn, why sauna visits are really healthy.

Do you also ask yourself, how many sauna sessions after sport are helpful?

After sport, you should do between one and three sauna sessions to achieve the desired positive effects for the muscles and relaxing. Before starting with the first sauna session, you should drink a lot in order to compensate for the loss of liquid by doing sports. You can find more information about the duration of a sauna session here.


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