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Wer sollte nicht in die Sauna und für wen ist Sauna nicht geeignet?

With an acute infection or an acute inflammation, you should temporarily suspend the sauna bathing. Otherwise, if you feel well and healthy, you can visit the sauna regularly.

But if you have physical impairments, chronical diseases or if you got other doubts whether taking a sauna bath is possible for your own state of health, to be on the save side, you should better talk to your family doctor. He will clarify together with you, if sauna bathing is suitable for you. Especially for people with vascular diseases, varicose veins or a problematic blood pressure, the lasting circulation of the heat in the sauna could be too stressful. Depending on what your doctor advices, it can be possible to use a BI-O sauna with less temperature (45 – 65 degree) as an alternative.

BIn case of having tendency to problematic high blood pressure, it is really necessary to notice the signs of your body, better to sit then to lie and to cool down the body after having a sauna bath slowly. In this case, you should forego on the cold diving pool, to prevent your body from extra stress, because through the extreme coldness the blood pressure raises up strongly.

Even with a very low blood pressure, caution should be exercised: Through the heat of the sauna, the vessels dilate and the blood could “sink”, which could end in the worst case to a collapse. This can also happen to pregnant women, who often have got an instable blood pressure.

When is it possible after a pregnancy, a tattoo or an operation that I visit the sauna again?

Pregnant women, in general, should only have a sauna bath, if they are used to have a sauna bath and the pregnancy is without any complications. In case of doubts, you should ask your gynaecologist. You should talk to a doctor in every case, at what time again you are allowed to go to the sauna after an operation. In case of a fresh tattoo, it is necessary to wait until the tattoo is healed up completely. Otherwise it could be possible that the tattoo breaks up and loses colour. At a good tattoo studio, you normally get a “memo” with exact hints and dates. Here you get information about at what age it is suitable for children to visit a sauna.

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