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We are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the topic sauna. - In order that you may realize your own personal sauna-dream soon!


Which kinds of sauna are there?

There are lot of different kinds of sauna. With pleasure we will give you an overview:

Unsere Finnische Sauna - Die Satori-Sauna

Finnish sauna
The Finnish sauna is the classic and oldest sauna type. The temperature of the sauna amounts about 85 – 100° Celsius, the humidity is about 10%. By the use of an infusion on the stones the humidity raises up to 30 % for a short term, which implies a strong warmness. The Finnish sauna is the type with the most intense effect on the immune system & Co, detailed information about the health affects you can find here. The design possibilities of a Finnish sauna for the own home are various, from the classic sauna and the design sauna up to the solid wood sauna. We show you the different possibilities here.

Design-Sauna in Nussbaum und Thermo-Esche

BI-O Sauna
Sauna “light” – that is the best way to describe the BI-O sauna by corso sauna manufaktur. You will sweat at nice temperatures between 45 - 60° Celsius and a humidity between 40 - 55%. The sauna bath works smoother in this warm bath, which provides less strain for the circulation - and is more comfortable for sensitive people. Elegant light elements with changing colours transform the BI-O sauna into a real wellness oasis. These elements have a positive influence on the mood (blue is calming, red is stimulating, green is regenerating, yellow is mood lifting). The BI-O sauna is ideal for sauna beginners, children and old people. The skin feels cared and the breath gets free, the sauna has an activating and cleansing effect. All kinds of Finnish sauna, which you can find on our site, can be changed into a BI-O sauna by building in the appropriate oven. A first overview of our design possibilities you can find in our references.


Infrared cabin
The temperature in the infrared cabin lies between 38 – 50° Celsius. In contrast to the Finnish sauna, the body does not heat up by the room temperature, but through the infrared radiation. The rays penetrate 1 to 2 mm into the skin, wherefrom the heat spreads around the whole body and produces a pleasant feeling. Through the low temperatures, the infrared cabin is very gentle for the blood circulation. Furthermore, the cabin is ready to operate quickly, the pleasant effect is already noticeable after a couple minutes. A duration of stay from about 30 minutes at the infrared sauna is ideal. The infrared cabin with its deep heat can relief muscle and joint pain and counteracts against different kinds of skin problems. It can be designed as a separate cabin or it can also be integrated in our individual saunas. You can find inspiration and different design possibilities for your own private infrared cabin here.

Dampfbad privat genießen

Steam bath
In a steam bath, the temperature lies between 40 – 50° Celsius and the humidity lies between 50 - 100 %. In a steam bath you could probably think that you sweat a lot, but that is not the case: The steam bath is really good for the circulation and relaxing and it is also good against muscle tension. Moreover, the steam is really healthy for respiratory diseases, for example it can be helpful for the first appearances of a cold or a bronchitis – even hay fever can be reduced by strengthen the immune system (also in the warm season). There are no limits to your design possibilities for a steam bath. We plan your steam bath for example with granite, marble, ceramic or glass mosaic. You can find some ideas here, but we also implement your personal taste as a steam bath.

Which sauna is the healthiest one?

Which sauna-type is the best choice for you, depends on your personal taste and your individual body constitution. At the Finnish sauna - as already mentioned earlier - you will sweat the most, so in this case the health effect is the biggest with regards to purification, strengthen the immune system etc. You can find more information here. In case of having problems with blood pressure, the Finnish sauna is not the right one, you should look for an alternative sauna.

Once you want to build your own private sauna, it would be helpful to test all the different types of sauna previously – either at a suitable wellness hotel or a spa. Finally, you should choose your desired sauna in your personal taste – the most important aspect is that you can enjoy and regenerate in your sauna.

Regardless which sauna you will choose: We will be happy to advise you and choose together with you an individual solution for your desired sauna – no matter if it is a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, an infrared cabin or a BI-O sauna. All types of sauna can also be built in your own home. We attach high importance on a comprehensive planning and implementation of your individual wishes and the considering of the local circumstances for example a roof slope or similar. The result will enthused you in every case: Your customized sauna or design sauna for your home.

Please talk about your wishes with us.

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