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Relax, ease, breath in, Sauna bathing is pure wellness and makes you forget the everyday hustle and bustle. Lovingly hand crafted Sauna from fine woods, with a functional design, so beautiful that you prefer not even want to get out. In short, a sauna from the corso sauna manufaktur.  Made in Germany.

But what makes our saunas so unique? We'll let you in on our secret on the next pages.  Join us for a special kind of tour, how our saunas are made, from the green thumb eco-forestry, to the choice of wood, past the ever-changing ideas of our designers, to the workbenches of our experienced carpenters, who also will install your Sauna.

What should you expect at the end, is a masterpiece of German craftsmanship. A bespoke sauna planned according to your requirements and manufactured from the finest materials and our passion. Only one question remains: What kind of sauna do you dream of? Let's talk about it. And soon your sauna dreams will come true.

Benedictus and Max Lingens
CEOs of corso sauna manufaktur

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

corso saunamanufaktur