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Our sauna references will show you: everything is possible. We are looking forward to plan together with you your personal, tailor-made sauna dream. Just let us know your wishes!


Let yourself be inspired...! It is with great pleasure that we give you an insight into our nicest sauna projects: High-end quality and pure design, affectionately made in handicraft. Numerous developers have already realised their personal dream sauna with corso: from the sauna lover "next door" up to prominent professional sportsmen or comedians. Our customers feel it: we really love wood and we are absolutely passionate about planning your perfectly fitting sauna to measure for you. When may we convince your of our enthusiasm...?

Precise workmanship: Sauna as masterpiece of designer furniture

Walnut-tree design sauna

Walnut-tree design sauna Walnut-tree design sauna Walnut-tree design sauna

This sauna has been integrated into the bathroom as a true piece of designer furniture. Within this project, numerous challenges had to be mastered: this started with the handling of protection of historical monuments, „crooked“ old building dimensions up to the integration of the slopr of a roof. Concerning the outside of the window, the principles of historical monument protection had to be observed, whereas from the inside the wood of the window had to be untreated (in order to be suitable for the high sauna temperatures). The high quality design comprises walnut-tree and benches in thermo aspen which are indirectly lighted by LED. Altogether, the design of the spacious bath with ist bath tub directly in front of the sauna results in a highly consistent overall impression.

Transparent and high-grade

The sauna turns into a design piece of furniture in the bathroom.

The light concept of the sauna creates an attractive mood within the whole bathroom.The light concept of the sauna creates an attractive mood within the whole bathroom.A dreamlike bathroom with a stand-alone bath tub and a corso design-sauna

The sauna turns into a design piece of furniture: To the penthouse owner, it was important that the sauna itself becomes a beautiful, high-grade piece of furniture, which is even a design object, when it is not in use. This succeeds here by the well-balanced light concept, which has a breathtaking effect within the whole bathroom. The contrast between light-white ceramics, high-glossy cupboards and the noble-dark thermo-oak of the sauna creates a great visual impression. Beautiful detail: the sauna wood was used by the owner also in the shelf cut-out at the bathroom cupboard. The levitating benches together with the glass front convey a special lightness and transparency - and allow the (unseen) view out of the penthouse-apartment over the roofs and the surroundings of the city.

Bright and generously

Bright and generously

Bright and generouslyBright and generouslyBright and generously

A generously perspective - that is the special feature about this family sauna. To redesign a basement room at their urban villa into a family spa - that was the wish of these corso clients. The generously glass front and the extracted benches give size and transparency to the design sauna. As a style element of the Bauhaus, the materials intentionally are continued from inside to outside. The sauna cabin was made from bright aspen with floating benches and a horizontally double-groove profile with inserted, dark tongue. An ageless design, whose construction was made by the highest craftsmanship precision. The result: a calming, private resting place for the whole family. The area in front of the sauna has become the favourite reading place for their children, stated the building owner…


Design sauna with old wood: created and built for Verona Pooth

Design sauna with old wood

Design sauna with old woodDesign sauna with old woodDesign sauna with old wood and smart control

Not only the big glass front puts the old wood of this design sauna capably in scene: the colourfully changing LED lighting underlines the relaxing charm of the wood with its strong character. The freely floating, simple benches are made of thermo aspen, the sauna heater is installed behind the wall. The sauna may be used as a Finnish sauna or as a BI-O sauna, while the evaporator is installed externally (in order to avoid any noise within the sauna). This tailormade design sauna was sketched and built by corso for the private house of Verona Pooth: after her fitness workout in a clean-designed room, she may deeply relax in the eccentric sauna...


Stylish: Straight design sauna in bright aspen

Bright design sauna with glass front and infrared radiator

Bright design sauna with glass front and infrared radiatorBright design sauna with glass front and infrared radiatorBright design sauna with glass front and infrared radiator

After the fitness training, this house-owner relaxes in a fully glazed corso design sauna. The interior in light aspen has a straight design-line and perfectly fits within the modern ambience of this high-quality, modern property. The smooth surface of the aspen wood is very homogeneous: due to its low thermal conductivity, the aspen is particularly suitable as sauna wood. The integrated infrared radiator additionally provides muscle relaxation in the neck and back area; the sauna can also be musically rounded off with the built-in loudspeaker boxes. The double-groove profile with its contrasting shadow gap creates an interesting overall appearance.


Outdoor sauna completes garden and pool

Design outdoor sauna completes garden and pool

Design outdoor sauna completes garden and poolDesign outdoor sauna completes garden and poolDesign outdoor sauna completes garden and pool

This corso outdoor sauna discreetly fits into the garden and pool landscape - and offers well-protected relaxation in all seasons. The rhombus strips of the exterior cladding underline the simple and elegant appearance of the garden sauna. The interior design is straightforward and lives from the contrast between the light aspen and the old wood, which is additionally highlighted by the back bench lighting. Since the sauna loungers were installed without a bench cover, the furnishings look airy. The design heater enables to use the cabin as a Finnish sauna or BI-O sauna. The EOS sauna control unit, which is installed within the sauna, is of high quality - and above all practical. After the sauna, the pool invites to cool down...

Bright steam bath and horizontal shower made of natural stone

Bright steam bath made of natural stone

Bright steam bath made of natural stoneBright steam bath made of natural stoneBright steam bath made of natural stone

The tall natural stones give a luxurious ambience to this bright steam bath, which invites to relax and feel fine. The large freely floating benches offer a place to take a break from the everyday life. Thanks to the integration of the window, a lot of daylight reaches the steam bath, which - together with the glass front – offers a lot of transparency. In addition, this wellness oasis is completed by an illuminated horizontal shower beside the steam bath: a perfect possibility to cool off after sweating. The architectural language of materials and forms have been realised very consistently and thus result in a harmonious general design of this high-quality private spa.

In the middle of the green

With an outdoor sauna you may relax in the middle of the green.

The winter garden can also be used as a relaxation area.Directly next to the sauna, the shower is located.The relaxation is supported by the alternately coloured, indirect lighting

In this outdoor sauna with a completely glazed front you practically sit “in the middle of the green” so you can enjoy your own garden while sweating. The sauna was combined with a winter garden which is seamlessly connected by the continued wooden floor. The key feature is that the glass elements of the winter garden are individually adaptable and can be opened in every direction – completely without any fixed panels. Thus, a maximum openness may be achieved. By completely closing the glass front, you gain a cosy rest area, protected from the weather. Therefore, it is possible to use the sauna throughout the whole year. [It is possible to heat up the sauna at low costs with an infrared heater during the cold season.] Moreover, a shower area was integrated in the sauna house, which is located next to the sauna. The sauna itself is held in clear lines, the relaxation is supported by the alternately coloured, indirect lighting and offers enough place, so that the whole family can have a sauna and relax together.

Stylish and attractive

Stylish and attractive

Stylish and attractiveStylish and attractiveStylish and attractive

This sauna creation by corso presents itself in soft red orange light. The backrest lighting allows to change in any colour. The pleasant light leads to a harmonious feeling of space. The darl walnut wood is very noble. Thanks to the large glazed front, you profit of plenty daylight within the sauna. In a generous, free-floating mooting area, you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the charming atmosphere.

Sauna relaxation with a view

Design-Sauna with glass front made of thermo oak and thermo aspen

Design-Sauna with glass front made of thermo oak and thermo aspenDesign-Sauna with glass front made of thermo oak and thermo aspenDesign-Sauna with glass front made of thermo oak and thermo aspen

The entire room and the sauna live from clear lines: with a design sauna heater, plain benches and the quiet optics of the veener. The high-quality thermo oak smells pleasantly and looks comfortable-relaxing. The harmonious picture is complemented with the colour-fitting benches from thermo aspen. The aspen convinces by ist excellent sauna qualities: the wood does not splinter, does not secrete resin and does not become hot. The idea of the clear lines is strictly continued with the large-size natural stone tiles: the outside of the shower bordering to the sauna was also dressed up with tiles. Through the glass front, the view out of the sauna wanders through the generous porthole on the quiet scenery – in combination with the moonlight, the overall picture lets arise a very special, relaxing mood.

Homelike and luxurious

Homelike and luxurious

Homelike and luxuriousHomelike and luxuriousHomelike and luxurious

The owner planned the reconstruction of the bath in a high-quality private spa with a homely character. Corso has designed and built a custom-made design sauna: the lightness of the bright aspen, combined with the glazing on both sides makes this style to be a „sauna with panoramic views“, which harmoniously nests in the luxurious bath. The free-standing chair constructions and the continuous LED lighting behind the backrest emphasize the clean lines of the design sauna.

Noble and rich in contrast

Noble and rich in contrast

Noble and rich in contrastNoble and rich in contrastNoble and rich in contrast

This high-quality corso design sauna cabin was built in a particulary noble wood combination: the bright aspen contrasts with its ease and pleasant feel to the darker thermo oak. In order to obtain the appearance of limed thermo oak, the wood has been treated with a special corso process so that it is still compatible with sauna and can withstand the high heat loads. The sauna is integrated into a private spa with a rainshower, heated relaxation beds and black glazed media wall with a fake fireplace and TV. Pure wellness in the former nursery.

Oiled walnut-tree design sauna

Oiled walnut-tree design sauna

Oiled walnut-tree design saunaOiled walnut-tree design saunaOiled walnut-tree design sauna

A high-grade private retreat in the basement which offers perfect relaxation in order to switch off from the everyday life: The design sauna made of oiled walnut-tree shows ist valency by the exclusive veneer material. The smooth surface and the large-sized plate elements result in a noble look, nearly without joints. Deliberately, this sauna was dressed up also from the outside with walnut-tree in order to have the effect of the noble wood also in the whole room. In combination with the high glass proportion, the sauna looks generous and clear. The contrasting sauna benches in bright aspen are especially pleasant due to their low thermal conductivity as well as their smooth haptics. The combination heater enables to use it as Finnish sauna or as humid BI-O sauna with ethereal oils or herbs in order to flavour it with the evaporator.


Design bath with old wood sauna in the penthouse

Old wood sauna in the penthouse

Old wood sauna in the penthouseOld wood sauna in the penthouseOld wood sauna in the penthouse

This corso design sauna is the highlight of the penthouse bath: fitted perfectly under the roof, it has been positioned at the end of this long-cut room. The inner lining is designed with old wood from Austria as well as with natural stone elements. These stones have also been used in the design of the bath walls and thus produce a very aesthetic and consistent look. The benches are made of thermo aspen wood, the LED strips behind the back rest underline the straight design of the sauna. Thanks to the generous glazing, the sauna invites to pleasantly relax without feeling restricted in any way.

Mysterious and attractive

Mysterious and attractiveMysterious and attractive

The thermally treated oak in the sauna cabin is very noble. The light from the lower bench lighting shimmers on the walls of the sauna. The benches are made of thermally treated aspen and give you the opportunity to enjoy the sauna. The glass front is impressive, which permits the view outside. The new sauna heater of EOS allows pleasantly scented infusions. Dive into the sea of relaxation that this cabin offers.

Distinctive and bright

Distinctive and bright

The sauna is illuminated by a warm white light. This is supported by a lighting over the stove. The modern stove turns your infusions to an event. The stone wall behind the stove affects earthly and reminiscent of the origin of nature. The aspen wood of the cabin is trimmed with a chic dark tongue. You are invited to enjoy the sauna and look out of the large glass front. In this exclusive corso cabin you can dangle your soul...

Fantastically and individually

Fantastic and individuallyTraumhaft und individuell

This corso sauna allows you to look outside. The glass front illuminates the sauna and is supported by exclusive designer aluminum lamps. The comfortable benches invite you to relax. Whether in bathroom or in basement, we fit the sauna where ever you like, so that you can enjoy the luxury of your private spa area.

Unique and charismatic

Unique and charismaticEinzigartig und charismatisch

The contrast of the dark interior trim to the bright benches makes the sauna elegant. Wall lights bathe the sauna into the dimly lit light and relieve the body, so it is ready for the final infusion, which allows the furnace with a large stone volume. A glass door makes the sauna more spacious.

Elegant and graceful

Elegant and gracefulWith exclusive ease these glazed front corso sauna nestled in to a luxurious bath. Bordered by stone-clad walls are the delicate chairs with adjustable backrest which are all about Scandinavian design tradition. Likewise, the ceiling and exterior wall made of alder wood with exquisite chopsticks look. Adapted seamlessly fit it to the raked space they give the sauna package a worthy setting.

Headstrong and confident

Headstrong and confident

Strong color contrasts and unusual materials make this sauna cabin of corso so special. The Interior made with horizontal aspen wood profile, at the back rest and Bank Interim panel it is landed with thermal dark wood strips. On the outside are stainless steel panels founded in to the wood, which correspond to the anthracite accents of the room? The open view into the cabin combines interior and exterior to a work of art.

Adorable and exquisitely

Adorable and exquisitelySweating under the starry sky - this is possible in a sauna from sauna corso manufaktur. The beautiful aspen wood with its dark spring is paneled horizontal and gives the sauna style. The beautiful panoramic view gives you the opportunity dream and to reflect the day.

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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