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corSUITE is more than just an outdoor sauna: It is an outdoor design-sauna, which may also be used as lounge, winter garden, guest house or pool house. Pure multifunction!

corSUITE. More than just an outdoor sauna.corSUITE. More than just an outdoor sauna.corSUITE. More than just an outdoor sauna.corSUITE. More than just an outdoor sauna.corSUITE. More than just an outdoor sauna.corSUITE. More than just an outdoor sauna.corSUITE. More than just an outdoor sauna.


The new design-outdoor sauna corSUITE is more than “just” an outdoor sauna: indeed, it is a true all-rounder since it may be used either as lounge, winter garden or maybe even as a guest house in the garden. In just a few steps, the corSUITE is converted and serves as a pleasure to relax, to have a sauna bath or to spend the night in a smartly designed ambience. But the corSUITE is even much more and it offers pure individuality. corso is a synonym for tailor-made sauna creations: Each individual corSUITE is produced as a unique product according to your requirements – every detail can be designed according to your personal taste: starting with the selection of the sauna wood or the shower fittings up to hand-sewn cushions.


The late summer weather invites you to an ice-cold sundowner in your paradise garden…? With a few hands, the corSUITE can be changed into a chilled lounge and offers you comfortable lounges with a wonderful open view into the green – depending on the outdoor temperature, optionally with completely open or slightly pushed over glass sliding doors. Drop yourself and enjoy the early evening hours on the generous lounge pieces of furniture which can be converted into (sauna) couches… The design of the hand-sewn pads and high-quality cushions is freely selectable.


The guests will arrive in two hours, a delightfully convivial evening…! Quite spontaneously, the guests are invited to spend the night at your home? No problem: the benches of your corSUITE are transformed into a spacious lying surface (2.2 m x 1.45 m) within a few seconds – thanks to a well thought-out design. Moreover, ideally a shower is integrated directly next to the guest suite.

When may we plan your corSUITE…? We look forward to your project


Calm down and relax – the corSUITE design sauna makes you forget everyday life. Lost in thougt, your gaze wanders over the paradise garden. The indirect LED lighting flatters and turns your sauna to a calming place for the entire family – the perfect “project relaxation".


As a further option, the corSUITE may be combined with a winter garden, which is connected seamlessly to the sauna via the directly adjacent wooden floor. The highlights are the glass elements, which can be completely flexibly moved and opened to all sites without fixed screens. Thus, a maximum of transparency is achieved. When the glass front is closed, however, a wind- and weather-protected resting area is created, which makes it possible to use the corSUITE optimally throughout the whole year.


The sun shines bridely, the garden pool invites you to cool down…? The pool technology may be accommodated in the corSUITE pool house, in an adjoining room of your outdoor sauna.

All in all, the corSUITE offers you pure, tailor-made individuality.

Let us talk about your outdoor dream now!

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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