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Especially in connection with glass elements, our design saunas are a very special eye-catcher. Take a look at our inspirations for your individual, customized glass-fronted sauna design!

Designsauna NIMBUS - winner of the Golden Wave 2013corso design sauna SATORI - sauna with glass frontDesign-sauna with glass front - A variation of the Zen-saunaDesign sauna in private-spaDesign sauna with glass frontIndividual design sauna - tailor-made to your wishesExclusive design sauna: light coloured wood combined with natural stoneDesign privat-spa in perfection.Design sauna with directly adjoining hammam. Design sauna with curved ergonomic bench. Design sauna in walnut-tree with glass front and covered built-in infrared.Individual tailor-made sauna Design oven in an individual saunaFurther private references

My design sauna

The individual ones

Individual sauna design - this is our great strength. We join together your ideas, our many years of experience and fresh ideas to a total work of art that has no equal. Quality, professionalism and individuality are the conditions under which we measure our saunas. We are particularly pleased that our custom sauna design has twice found the applause of the judges rating of "swimming pool & sauna." This regularly awarded prize "Golden Wave" for innovations in the pool and spa industry, which we won in 2011 with our "Zen sauna" and in 2013 with our "Nimbus sauna".

Contact us now to discuss your personal sauna dream with us!

Design-Sauna NIMBUS

The benches of the "NIMBUS"-Sauna are held by a special construction in the rear wall with no visible supports, giving you a feeling of being almost floating during your sauna bath. The body of the sauna consists of a three-sided glass front, which also gives the quilt a floating. In conjunction with the warm LED lighting in the circumferential ring of light, the cabin is bathed in various color scenes and gives the environment a very special character.

What is... corso?

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Our whole passion and attention is concentrated on the design of breathtaking saunas. But - what is so special about corso...? We invite you to take a look behind the (sauna) scenes of corso.


Exclusive sauna

Our various types of wood and design elements turn every "normal sauna" into a very special sauna dream. Elegant light elements in different colors, or even with the possibility of changing colors, make your exclusive sauna a true oasis where you can find perfet relaxation for your body and your mind. In combination with glass elements, such as at a design sauna with a glass front, a personal touch is especially attractive.

Design-Sauna with glass front

In order that your future sauna suits to you and the style of your home, it is not only custom-made by us, but all aligned in their optical design to your liking. Whether you prefer a design sauna with a glass front, glass elements or without glass - together with you, we will find the ideal solution.

Talk to us - we realize your dream of a design sauna.

Are you searching for inspiration for your design sauna?

Then please have a look at private sauna references and let yourself be inspired! Combine what you have seen with your own ideas and in that way develop the idea for your very own exclusive design sauna. The corso team will support you with expert advice and together with you we will design your sauna dream. With a tailor-made corso sauna you can optimally take advantage of the given space, because we customize any design sauna individually and adapt it to the given space. It does not matter if the sauna is to be installed in the attic or a space-saving set-up as a corner-sauna. A glass-fronted sauna in the bathroom is always a special eye-catcher: a design element which you can be proud of.

Just let us know your wishes!

50 Years corso
50 Years corso

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