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We are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the topic sauna. - In order that you may realize your own personal sauna-dream soon!


Here are some useful tips for using a sauna.

The “right way” to take a sauna bath is not difficult! We are pleased to give you some useful tips and information you should note for the full sauna enjoyment:

The most important aspect is, that you have to take your time, because you primarily want to enjoy it, relax and do something good for your body. The following steps are recommended:

  • Before you take a sauna bath, you should take a shower and dry yourself, because dry skin starts earlier to sweat than moist skin.
  • In the first round, you should only stay for 8 to 10 minutes in the sauna – but maximum as long as you feel good. You can find useful tips for the optimal time for being in the sauna here. Please put a towel under your body, so you do not touch the wood with your skin. The higher you sit, the higher is the temperature. While taking a sauna bath you can choose between sitting and lying. (The most effective way is it to sweat short but strong at the upper benches. But if you don’t have any experience with taking a sauna bath, you should better start with the middle or the low benches.) Please always check your health – because only that is important. The last one or two minutes you should sit at the lowest bench to give your circulation a chance to get used to being upright again.
  • After every heat up in the sauna, the cooling down follows. The gentlest way for your circulation is to start with the cold water at your right ankle over your legs and arms to your heart. Please don’t use tepid or warm water (except for children) – otherwise the positive “Kneipp effect” gets lost. If you got a normal blood pressure and a stable circulation, you may take a dive at the cold pool.
  • Afterwards, you should move a bit outside at the fresh air and then it is good for you to lie down to relax your body. Pay attention that your body does not cool down too much and put a bathrobe or a blanket. Apart from that, a warm footbath can be enjoyable.
  • Finished the relaxing? Then you can start taking the next sauna bath: sweat again and then lie down and cool down. In the second and third time, you can stay up to 15 minutes in the sauna. We also give you the answer to the question how many sauna sessions are healthy for you.
  • After the sauna visit, it is absolutely necessary to drink at least one litre or even better more of water, fruit juices or apple spritzer.

Why is it necessary to take a cold shower after a sauna session…

The cold shower and the diving pool proceed a cold stimulation and an extraction of heath by cooling down the skin. It is a good training for your circulation, because your blood pressure gets higher. In case your blood pressure is low, however, the cooling down stabilizes the blood circulation. Only when the cooling down is strong enough, it results in a health-promoting effect. People with high blood pressure should not go in the diving pool because it strongly burdens them. Please pay attention to our hints who should not go in the sauna.

How many infusions should be made?

While making an infusion, the humidity rises fast from 10 % to 30 %, which gives the feeling of a higher temperature – but it only lasts a couple of minutes. You should start with the infusion at the second sauna session. Pour one or two scoops of water over the sauna rocks on the oven. If the infusion is with essential oils, you always have to be really sparingly. The odoriferous smells of the oil supports the relaxing effect and the sauna is even more intense.

How long does it take to heat up a sauna?

How long the sauna needs to heat up depends on the measure of the cabin and how strong the oven is. Normally it takes 30 to 60 minutes to heat up the sauna.

It is really important that the oven always has got enough sauna stones on top. Depending on how often the sauna gets used and how many infusions were made, the sauna stones wear off and have to be refilled.

Do you have any more questions about taking a sauna bath or building a sauna?

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