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How much weight do you lose at the sauna?

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SYou are visiting a sauna and your body starts to sweat in order to cool down itself. It is normal that this process implies a certain effort for your body, which burns calories. The loss of weight during a sauna bad, however, – in case of weighing yourself before and after a sauna bath – is only achieved by the loss of body fluid while sweating. In average, the body burns 150 calories during three sauna sessions. The healthy advantages of a sauna rather consist in stimulating the metabolism and the immune system and to purify the body. More information about the health effects of a sauna you can find here.

How much do you sweat in the sauna?
How much water do you lose while taking a sauna bath?

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The volume of liquid which you lose while taking a sauna bath is individual and depends on your own perspiration, your (sauna-)training and as well as on the number and the period of sauna sessions etc.

The body loses in average between one and two litres of fluid. To determine the precise quantity of liquid loss, you may weigh yourself before and after the sauna. The difference in weight, measured in kilogram, is equivalent to the amount that the body has sweated out. Thus, to balance out your loss of fluid and to pretend headaches, you should at least drink the equivalent quantity of water or spritzer after your sauna visit. Depending on your own tendencies, however, it does not harm if you drink even more.

By the way, your body “sweats” most of all at the Finnish sauna: the dry air absorbs a lot of sweat from the body, and the fluid gets discharged to the air. At a hot-air bath or a steam bath it just feels like as if you are sweating more. But due to the high humidity, the air can’t absorb so much sweat. The humidity rather condenses on the body. Due to this, the effective loss of fluid is not that high as at a classical, Finnish sauna. In any case, however, it is positive that you train to sweat while having a sauna bath: When you visit a sauna regularly, your body will learn to sweat in general more and faster.

Is there an advice for the sauna how much one should drink?

You should at least drink one litre water or spritzer after the sauna. Or you can weigh yourself before and after a sauna visit, so that you can identify how much fluid you have lost. You should then balance this loss completely out. In case of drinking too less, headaches could be the result – which you surely don’t want to have!

Should one eat before visiting a sauna?

Before and after a sauna visit, you should give your body only light fare: Because during a sauna session your heart is pumping already more blood, the circulation and the metabolism are fully working. If you visit the sauna with a full stomach, your body has to compensate double pressure – and this isn’t really good for the relaxing effect. It is advisable in this case to eat fresh fruits or a light salad to give the body vitamins.

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