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We are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions concerning the topic sauna. - In order that you may realize your own personal sauna-dream soon!


We give you tips how you may clean a sauna in the right way.

Unsere Finnische Sauna - Die Satori-Sauna

To have a maximum of joy with your private sauna, you should air the sauna cabin sufficiently after every use.

The wood surface should never be cleaned by a water hose or a high-pressure cleaner. The wood in the sauna cabin is extremely dry and as a result of that, it is really moisture-sensitive. Please also make sure that the sauna is off and completely cooled down before your clean it.

The seating and lounger facility can be wiped off with a damp cloth (do not use a wet cloth, a water hose or a high-pressure cleaner). In case of large contaminations or discolouration with untreated solid wood, one can grind of these with fine-grained abrasive paper (160er graining). Please bear in mind, however, that this is not possible with thermally treated wood. The interior trim of the cabin and the interior (benches etc.) should not be impregnated or painted. The wall covering can be wiped off with a sprayed-moistened cloth from time to time.

Türscharnier einer Sauna

Lime and water stains on the oven can be removed with a stiff brush and a lye of citric acid or vinegar. We also recommend to you a regular lubrication: The ball latch should also be oiled at the same intervals and readjusted if required. All fittings, in particular the fittings of the door hinges should be checked regularly and trailed if required.

It is also important to have a good ventilation in the cabin in order to prevent damages at the cabin or rather at the technic through masonry damp.

Which cleaning materials should be used for the sauna?

For the sauna cleaning, there is in principle no special cleaning material needed. Please note our advices above. In case of heavy contamination, the strips of the benches can be cleaned with an especially for sauna wood made cleaning-material based on hydrogen peroxide (for example obtainable in pharmacies).

We would be glad to answer any further questions on the cleaning of your sauna personally.

Please feel free to contact us.

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